464 Tasting Notes

drank Florence by Harney & Sons
464 tasting notes

The smell of this reminds me a little of coffee and the taste is what I imagine coffee to be. (I don’t drink it.) The hazelnut adds a dark roastiness to it all. The chocolate tastes like chocolate bubble gum rather than the dark chocolate flavors I like. Overall it’s just an ok tea.

Thanks, Shelley_Lorraine for this sample! :-)


We do seem to think alike!

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I wanted a special tea to cheer me up after I aborted my long run due to the major tummy troubles all week. My first thought was Butiki’s Potato Pancake and Applesauce, but I had that in my room in the attic and I didn’t feel like dragging my butt up there to get it, so I sifted through my Verdant teas and settled on this one.

I steeped it this time with twice as much leaf for about 3-4 minutes. I added just the teensiest tuvh of raw alfalfa honey. I loved this tea so much this way! It’s like dessert! Sweet, bready, full of spices, and just downright delicious!

Terri HarpLady

Oooh, that does sound good! I usually drink this one straight up, & I love it that way, but maybe just once, for a little extra treat… ;)


I like my teas straight most of the time, but the little bit of honey made a wonderful difference!

And I really need to stop typing things on my phone… “tuvh of raw alfalfa honey”? I’m surprised anyone could read that. lol.


maybe i’ll try that with the sample i picked up from verdant. I don’t love this tea enough to keep it in my cupboard so i just pickup the sample sizes now and then heh


Well this tea appeals to my I-love-starchy-potato-type-flavors side!

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I used the rest if the sample Ashmanra sent me in a cold-steep and guess what? The vinegary aspect is gone! This is much better! It’s a lovely apple taste, mellow sweet and just the right amount of bite for a green apple. I’m raising the score of it a little because as a cold steep ths is quite n


Cold-steeping is the best! I’ve been able to salvage a bunch of teas that haven’t quite worked for me otherwise.


I am glad you found a way that you enjoy it!


Thanks again, Ashmanra, for the sample! :-)

Greenteafairy- yup! Cold-steeping is great!

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drank Pink Flamingo by DAVIDsTEA
464 tasting notes

I used the last of this to create a cold brew. I’m getting less citrus and a lot more lemongrass and hibiscus. Still pretty tasty, but I prefer it hot.

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I created a listing to keep a log of the un-named Red Leaf samples I got. Feel free to join in under this listing if you’re doing it as well. I tried the first 3 this morning!

Sample # 1
Powder Color: Medium Green , just a slight brown
Powder Smell: Seaweed
Powder Texture: Fine, not clumpy
Liquor Color: Dark green
Tasting Notes: Mixed one teaspoon with a few ounces of hot, but not boilinng water. Mixed in fairly well, but there were just a few little clumps. The liquid smells and tastes much like the powder- like seaweed. I am not fond of this particular green tea taste. This matcha had a bitter, almost metallic bite to it too. After trying it straight, I added Coconut Almond Milk and it frothed up even more when I whisked. Also added a little honey. This helped to take away the bitter sting, but the seaweed taste is stll too strong for me.

Sample # 2:
Powder Color: A little browner than #1, almost a shade of olive.
Powder Smell: grassy with a tinge of seaweed
Powder Texture: Slightly finer than #1
Liquor Color: Dark Olive, No clumps
Tastng Notes: Prepared the same way as #1. Mixed extremely well, no clumps to see, very frothy. Powerful matcha! I don’t even know what I’m tasting on the first sip, but I know it’s strong. After it settles I taste dark, bitter, grassy greens with an almost citric aftertaste. After diluting with a little coconut almond milk, it is less bitter and more grassy. I dilute it even further to with the milk- the texture is just the slightest bit chalky. The taste is pleasantly grassy. Decide to add just a touch of honey. It tastes very good this way, but the slight chalkiness is getting to me.

Sample # 3
Powder Color: Medium Dark Green, almost camo
Powder Smell: Seaweed!
Powder Texture: not as fine, clumpy
Liquor Color: seaweed green
Tastng Notes: I was afraid from the powder smell that it would be overwhelmingly seaweed like #1, but the smell fades away slightly in the liquid form. Taste is of dark, collared greens and has a slight metallic bite to it, but less so than #1. It is too chalky even after adding the coconut almond milk and honey. It has a better taste than #1, but not #2. As it sits for a while, it starts to settle at the bottom a lot.

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This tea is a little ray of sunshine in my rainy Friday afternoon at work. I’m eating papaya spears with it, so I’m having a tropical get-away at my desk. I’m just going to soak up the rays for a couple of minutes.

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I was in the mood for spring, creamy greens this morning and this hit the spot. After today, I will have to sip this down. :-( I also need to watch my Laoshan Black intake, since I’ve been drinking it a LOT lately. Also I need to hide it from my co-worker, who I brewed a cup for the other day. :-0

I’ve been considering joining the Verdant Reserve Club because I’ve loved their teas so much. It’s less than my monthly gym membership, so I can justify that, right? :-)


Get a really heavy mug – a work out and a cuppa. Best of both worlds!


ah gee KS, but there is something so much more motivating about seeing oneself in the mirror carrying a plated barbell on the shoulders (I’m serious! haha)


I agree with you, Shelley_Lorraine! There’s nothing quite like doing squats and deadlifts!

KS- Your suggestion doesn’t make me want to drop my gym member ship, but it does want to make me find myself a 30 or 40 pound kettlebell that doubles as a mug.. *googles custom-made kettlebells"


ok now, a kettlebell mug. . .now that could work for me :D

Michelle Butler Hallett

Ohh, I want to join the Reserveclub!

This is a lovely oolong.

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Another tea from Shelley_Lorraine! Thanks, again!

Figured I’d try this one because it has chamomile and mint. My stomach’s been really bugging me. The dry leaf smells heavily of lavender and chamomile. I still haven’t decided if I like lavender. I really want to (mostly because it’s purple), but I’m starting to think it’s not for me.

The liquor tastes again mostly of lavender and chamomile. There are faint mint undertones that mellow out the grassy/hay aspects of the other two herbs. This really makes a difference compared to other blends I’ve had that are heavy on the lavender. It prevents it from being too overwhelming.

A pleasant tea, but definitely not something I think I’d order for myself.

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Somehow I always think the taste of this tea is going to be darker and chocolatier. It’s a good tea though. Dark green beans, a little chocolate, and a little honey.


honey and chocolate… can’t go wrong! :)


Dark green beans? Hmm, hadn’t thought of that. Out of curiosity, when you say you expect this to be “darker and chocolatier,” do you have any particular teas in mind that you expect it to be more like? (My ulterior motive is that that’s what I look for in tea. :D )


Well… Verdant’s Laoshan black is the darkest, chocolatiest, yummy tea I’ve had so far and Teavivre’s Bailin gonfu black is pretty darn yummy too for a cheaper alternative.


Mmm. The Laoshan black grew on me, and I’m going to have to try the Bailin gongfu; it’s one of the ones I’ve been eyeing. Thanks!


Well if you run across any really yummy dark ones make sure to post those reviews! :-)

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drank Bear Trap by DAVIDsTEA
464 tasting notes

Sweet and tart! The black currant and raspberry seem most prominent. I think I might sweeten the next cup I have.

Terri HarpLady

I’ve pushed the like button on this 3 times, & for some reason it isn’t taking it. :)


I was having a little bit of trouble with that yesterday too! :-)

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I run, I sing, I drink tea. That’s the best description I have of me.

I’ve always enjoyed tea, but have just started trying out a lot more loose teas and varied brands. I’m really excited about a site like steepster so I can read about what people think about different teas.

Oh and I really hate Lipton tea. There’s something just awful about it and I can’t understand why nearly every local diner only has Lipton.

Also I’m on the search for a full-bodied, fruity blackberry tea. So if you have any suggestions feel free to throw them my way! :-)


Staten Island, NY

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