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This is a beautiful tea to look at, but because of the smell of the dryleaf I was afraid that it would taste like soapy potpourri from the smell. It definitely didn’t taste soapy, probably due to the grapefruit peel, which gave it a little zing and the berry which added a little depth.I can taste that the tea base is a green tea and there is no dryness or over-the-top grassiness, but it is easily overwhelmed by the rose and vanilla. The floral aspects are a little too strong for my tastes, but it is definitely a good quality tea and I’m very happy it’s NOT soapy!

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VERY complex tasting! I only had time for one cup of this this morning, but I definitely want more.. The taste is very chocolately, but doesn’t have the silky ashy taste of laoshan black. There is a light maltiness and really solid mouth feel. It fades into sweet, thick honey tones. There is also another flavor that I miight. Describe as nutty until I come up with a better descripton I’ll have to spend a little more time with this tea!

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My tea-drinking was kind of boring this week. I just kept drinking Laoshan Black at work and a little Butiki Violet Rose Callendula. I have\n’t been very adventurous I guess. I got out of work early today, so I decided to treat myself with a trip to Harney & Sons Soho.

This tea was lovely! The first thing that hit me were notes of clove and cinnamon. Then malt and apricot/peach notes. It is a very bright taste and my tastebuds really tasted the difference between this and all the Laoshan black I’ve been drinking. As it cools, it gets maltier, loses some of the spice tones, and actually becomes a little nuttier. I really enjoyed my pot of this tea.!

It also went really well with the cheddar and chive scone I got, which I loved so much I got the vanilla scone too. I did say this was a treat, right?

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Thanks, Shelley_Lorraine for this. I’ve been drinking a ton of iced tea lately. This was really good as an iced tea. The black base was tannic and complimented the fruity flavors well. I tasted both mango and passionfruit, but the mango was slightly stronger. Naturally sweet. Both my sister and mother seemed to really enjoy it, so I’ll have to make another pitcher.

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I used the last of my sample of this to make a pitcher of iced tea. Even cold-steeped, I still don’t taste any of the veggies. The peach is a little less obvious this way. The base is still nice.

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I’m back! All crises diverted at home. Dad and cat recovering well. Expect a few backlogs.

This tea is very perfumey. It wasn’t bad, but I’m starting to think that all Palais des Thes blends taste very similar. The flowers were sweet, the sencha-tasting base was ok as well.


I am so happy to hear that your loved ones are doing well! Is awesome! Health and well-being thoughts are being sent your way! :))


Thanks, Scribbles! I appreciate your well wishes! :-)

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This was the tea I drank the whole day. I needed something strong and this fits the bill. I could resteep and resteep. Chocolatey and malty, almost smokey, ashy. yum.

I haven’t had time for longer notes. My cat is still in the hospital and my Dad is now in the ER. yikes! Too much going on.


Hope everything goes well in the end in both cases.

Terri HarpLady

Thinking good thoughts for you & yours Fuzzy!


sending good energy your way!


Positive thoughts are being sent your way!!


Oh no. :( hope they both get well!

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backlog- At a bridal shower yesterday, bagged tea.

A nice, fragrant, tannic base. No oily bergamot residue and the bergamot flavor was not as strong as I have experienced in some other earl greys.

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drank Goji Pop by DAVIDsTEA
464 tasting notes

Backlog from Saturday. I really enjoyed this one as a cold-steep. Sweet, fruity, and tangy too.

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drank Tropicalia by DAVIDsTEA
464 tasting notes

I cold-steeped a pitcher of this overnight and grabbed a travel mug full of it as I headed out to take my cat the specialist vet hospital. His breathing hasn’t been so good.

The tea tastes pretty good like pina colada. The apple mellows out the tropical flavors and there is milky quality to the taste. I was expecting some sort of unnatural flavor with the sprinkles, but I 8mm getting nothing like that. I’m glad I brought a mug-ful with me.


Poor kitty! I hope he’s okay!


Good luck with the vet…


Oh no… best of luck with kitty, keep us informed.


Thanks, everyone! My cat is still at the vet hospital. He’s recovering from a nasty asthma attack and possible pneumonia.

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I run, I sing, I drink tea. That’s the best description I have of me.

I’ve always enjoyed tea, but have just started trying out a lot more loose teas and varied brands. I’m really excited about a site like steepster so I can read about what people think about different teas.

Oh and I really hate Lipton tea. There’s something just awful about it and I can’t understand why nearly every local diner only has Lipton.

Also I’m on the search for a full-bodied, fruity blackberry tea. So if you have any suggestions feel free to throw them my way! :-)


Staten Island, NY

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