44 Tasting Notes

drank Pumpkin Chai by DAVIDsTEA
44 tasting notes

When I think of autumn, I don’t think of Starbucks pumpkin lattes, no, I think of DavidsTea pumpkin chai! It’s got a sweet flavour on it’s own so I do not feel the need to add additional sweetening. This tea has got the perfect combination of spices, black tea, and pumpkin flavour! It’s kind of like a pumpkin pie to me. When you add some milk, it’s perfect. This tea is also great hot or cold, though I prefer it hot.

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This tea smells FANTASTIC. But I was very underwhelmed by the flavour. All I could taste was coconut, that’s it. I’d imagine this would taste good with liquor and maybe a splash of milk, but I unfortunately did not get to try that at the store. I’m not very fond of coconut so much, so I think I won’t be purchasing this anytime soon.

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drank Chocolate Rocket by DAVIDsTEA
44 tasting notes

I find myself reaching for this tea often in my cupboard, amongst the myriad of teas I have. :p Anyways, even though the name implies “chocolate”, I taste no chocolate in this blend at all – I taste more the almond, chicory, and the subtle raspberry (I think that’s what it is) flavour – combining all these together makes for a nutty mate tea, which is really good because I like those types of flavours. This tea actually reminds me of the Coffee Pu’erh tea they have too, it is reminiscent of a slight coffee flavour, but not too much. Perhaps that is just me, but regardless this is a good tea and a staple at my house.

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drank Cold 911 (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
44 tasting notes

Re-reviewing this again because I don’t think I gave it a good chance last time.
This stuff, while very “herbal” tasting – I got used to it after a while, and I crave this when I am sick. The eucalyptus really soothes your throat, and I feel better for a while. Though I drink this like 10 times a day when I’m sick, it’s okay hot or cold, but it’s best served hot. In comparison to Gail’s Cold Remedy, this one is clearly the most effective and tastier tea to combat a cold. Recommended if you’re sick and need a pick-me-upper to soothe the nasty sore throat.

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drank English Rose by DAVIDsTEA
44 tasting notes

By far this is my favourite tea from DavidsTea. I am a fan of anything floral, including teas! My favourite floral tea has probably got to be rose flavoured blends though. When I saw this at the store, I didn’t even have to smell it because the name itself drew me in. As for the taste, it is very floral – some might be put off by it because it’s too “perfumey” but I love it! It’s also sweet enough that you do not have to add sweetener, unless you want to of course. I love drinking it hot, and it tastes sinful with a splash of milk and a sweetener of your choice. But without any additives, it is great on it’s own and I would definitely recommend this tea to any person who loves floral teas, especially roses! This one is a staple for sure.

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Tastes like orange/citrus drink. Definitely a flavour not everyone will like, because I think it’s kind of unusual and I’m not sure what to think about it. I’m drinking it right now. It’s okay I guess… it’s fairly pricy. I was told it was good for weight loss from a friend. I think it’s just the placebo effect but I do find myself fuller and less likely to eat when drinking the tea. Maybe it’s just me.

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This is SO addicting. I’m kind of sad it’s $3 a bottle on campus but whatever. It’s worth a treat now and then. It’s subtle and sweet and has a deep mate taste as well, it’s not sickly sweet. It just has a deep, robust, earthy flavour you expect from a roasted mate. My favourite.

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Tastes way too citrusy. I like citrus, but this felt like you shoved a bunch of lemon and orange peels into the tea. It was very bitter the one I got from the store and I’m not sure if I’ll try it again. I think I’ll stick to my other citrus teas for now.

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