1983 Tasting Notes

Using my stash prudently; local store quit carrying in bulk. But general weariness coupled with general anxiety (t-word is in the forecast) justifies a long steep with lots of leaf. I’ll have to prowl around and see if any of you have a preferred bulk source of pure un-blended tulsi leaf.


I usually pick mine up at Upton. Amazon has Davidsons’ for about $17 a pound (which is a ton of Holy Basil!)


I saw the Davidsons’ also—-hadn’t thought about Upton. Thanks!


Grow your own – but use the leaves not the flowers like I was told to do.


K S: I was looking at seeds last night! I bought mine at Tin Roof Teas and I like it, but would love to grow my own.


We buy small plants from the greenhouse. If I didn’t kill it, I know a chicken rancher can grow it.

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drank Gold Peak Unsweetened by Gold Peak
1983 tasting notes

Oh, my aching (fill in a body part and it’ll probably be right)…day of hard labor ferrying father, walker, and medical appliances to Wal-Mart, then cleaning out a hall closet with shelves that haven’t been touched for years. Today’s treasures: old vaudeville showbill, a brand new rag throw rug, a black wool beret, and quite possibly every greeting card my mother ever received for the past 30 years. Oh, and a large milk glass creamer full of fresh lilacs (always her favorite this time of year).

Anyway, without a fresh Mason jar of homebrew in the fridge, I swiped a tumbler of this from my husband. This is a fair, unsweet, unsullied, non-citric iced tea if you need some ready-made in a pinch. Enjoying it along with the backyard theatrics—Tazo is mole hunting.


Gold Peak is a good no fuss choice. Our local Mexican restaurant brews it fresh. Not too shabby. Your day sounds a lot like my wife’s. Except it was me and the garage.


Nice bit of memories. I never really new my grandmother very well, she was quite sickly through most of my conscious memories of her and very frustrated and even my mom said she was a difficult person to get to really know, but I have her old autograph albums, letters, some pictures of her laughing with friends…


Her greatest legacy was her quilts and sewing tackle; she made lap robes (small quilts) for nursing homes; baby quilts for practically every baby in Barton County; dresses by the case for mission boxes to Honduras. We have a shed full of fabric we’d like to bequeath to someone who would do similar good with it and haven’t found a donee yet.


Black beret! Milk glass creamer! Lilacs! Oh, what a wonderful day! (Hard, I know, but such finds! All of it. The playbill…wow.)


Apologies for not recognizing the emotions attached to the closet. I guess I am not wired that way. My mom is not a keeper of stuff. The joke growing up was if anything was left on the table for 5 minutes, mom would throw it away.


No apologies needed—we vacillate between “how sweet she kept it!” and “Good grief, why did she keep THAT?”

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This always reminds me of my mom’s fruitcake (erase typical Christmas fruitcake preconceptions): a light brown-sugar fresh apple cake with a little extra candied fruit added in.

Hesper June

Yum! My grandma makes great fruitcake too! I never understood why fruitcake is hated because my grandma’s was always so tasty:)


Now that she’s gone, I’m going to have to break down and learn how to do it.

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Dear Celestial Seasonings,

How ‘bout we just drop the Sleigh Ride and make it Sugar Cookie year-round? I’m down to my last three bags and I neeeeeed easy, no-fuss, no-fumble sweetness on an evening following a screamer workday when I had to ask co-workers to keep me away from sharp objects.

Very sincerely yours,


I had this last night and had very similar thoughts about it except for the whole screamer workday co-worker stuff. Love this one and don’t care who knows it.

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drank Golden Assam by Tao Tea Leaf
1983 tasting notes

My initial couple of cups of this Assam were mild and gentle. This morning, distracted as usual, overleafed and oversteeped….whew! At least I’m awake now! Metallic with a bite—like squeezing your tongue with a pair of pliers.

Still, no good tea need be wasted: diluted and iced in a tumbler, ought to be fine later on.

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Don’t you love it when a Steepster friend makes it possible for you to try stuff you would never have (a) found locally or (b) thought to select on your own? This, from scribbles, falls into that category. The dry leaves smell roasty-toasty, it’s pleasantly heavy on the tongue, and deliciously sweet—-white grape juice and honey and maple twigs.


Sounds yummy!!


I like roasty oolongs a lot better than the really floral, perfumey ones.


This sounds yummy and Scribbles is a great tea pal to have…lol

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drank Black Pearl by Mandala Tea
1983 tasting notes

Morning and Happy Easter! A day to drink this lovely, bready tea outdoors (can’t get enough of this warmer weather) and count some blessings. Having friendly, kind, and funny Steepster buddies is one of them :) Relish your day today.

(Music starts at about 1:36)


What I’m listening to this morning.



Nice! Thanks for sharing. Makes me miss singing alto in a choir. (All those ridiculously hard-to-sing harmony parts and we always thought sopranos got way-y-y-y too much attention ;)

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drank Original Blend by Red Rose
1983 tasting notes

Warm enough for cold tea! I sun-steeped this yesterday with about 4 leaves from our new potted applemint plant (all I could spare without denuding it). Makes a smooth and non-acidic chilled tea. You have to squint and wrinkle up your nose and think really hard to catch any of the applemint, but hopefully, that’ll resolve itself as I have more leaves to spare.

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drank Green Tea by Unknown
1983 tasting notes

OK, experts, Name This Tea. Here is what I can tell you:

—A work friend’s husband brought it home this week from a business trip to China; was presented several tins by colleagues.
—It is in a lovely white tin with blue roses and a medallion that looks like a Blue Willow china plate.
—The only English on the tin and the inner pouch is a rather awkward Speciaally selected and processed from the finest and tenderraw tea leaves. Rich in aroma and smooth in flayour. (Misspelled verbatim.)
—The lid of the tin was sealed with a very prominent green “2014” sticker.
—It isn’t a long jing. The leaves aren’t that flat and thick; they’re thin, straight, longer than my measuring teaspoon, and very clearly two-leaf tips.
—At a cautious 2:30 steep, it is champagne-colored, thick, silky, and tastes like barely-there honey and sweet straw.

Liking it immensely—but what am I sipping?


If it has Chinese writing on it, take a picture and ask on the discussion boards. I’ve had good luck with that before.

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drank Dream Tea by Mountain Rose Herbs
1983 tasting notes

I had hid the Mountain Rose samples ashmanra sent me from Tazo (something catnippy in the packets made him extremely curious)…so well that I basically hid them from myself. Stumbled across this one this evening and after a screamer of a workday and a stress binge of too much junk, I could use a gentle wind-down.

This is a finely balanced combo: little mint, little floral, little sweetness from the stevia, nothing too bitter in the herbs. We’ll see how it does on the snooze factor, but regardless, I’m not sharing with Tazo. He gets to sleep 12 hours a day as it is.


Mine just aren’t interested in tea. Strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe… yes. Just not when it’s in tea.


Yep, first thing when he came in the room was jump on my lap and stick his nose in my mug :)


My cat is interested in my husband’s scotch. Any time he drinks some she tries to stick her head in the glass. It’s funny and alarming at the same time.

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Somebody asked me once when I became a tea junkie; I think it dates back to college when I needed caffeine for a 7 a.m. class but chose not to do coffee. My favorite teapot is a medium-sized Brown Betty given to me by my Mema; the painted flowers are chipping off, but the size and feel is perfect. I rejoice when I get a morning to brew a pot of loose tea starting with a kettle; not a bag and a hot pot.


Southwest Missouri

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