1983 Tasting Notes

Not exactly a leisurely Saturday, but after a week of work insanity, elder care runs, and a phone…that…never…seems….to…stop…ringing… I can at least back off from full throttle to a gentle chug-chug. And while doing so, I’m really digging this tea scribbles sent me. With milk, it turns rich and caramelly. Very, very nice.

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This is a mild EB that takes both neglect and milk well. Not only does it take milk well, it almost disappears with milk in it. But I like it.

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To paraphrase my beloved Dr. Cooper, there is not enough chamomile tea in the world to quell the chaos in my life. But this is a nice, quick, baggie tea that doesn’t require hard work or deep thought. Thats very welcome again this week. Both honey and lemon taste pleasantly natural.

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I snapped up the last boxes of this from the local store when it turned up in the discontinued section, primarily for sun tea if warm weather ever comes. Snow. Again. But warm and fruity, this provides a sweet afternoon cuppa. One of my really truly favorites ever, even if it is bagged and cheap.

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drank Ceylon Pekoe by Tea At Sea
1983 tasting notes

This one behaves more like an Assam than a Ceylon. Lots of rye and raisin personality. Very tasty on a Very Cold, Rainy and Blustery Morning. Rabbit would suggest having a second cuppa instead of going outside. Pooh would ask for a Very Small Sploosh of Honey with it. Eeyore would insist we should all just go back to Bed.


+1 for going back to bed :)


I see a nap in my future!


I agree with Rabbit.


Funny, but the very day you wrote this we were celebrating my birthday. My autistic godson was permitted to pick cupcakes at the grocery store to bring and he chose pink pig ones. His mother and I laughed about it and I told her I choose to believe that he thought the pigs would go well with my chickens rather than that they reminded him of me. She thought perhaps they reminded him of Angry Birds. Then when he arrived he handed them to me, pointed, and said, “Piglet!” And then held up his iPad which was playing a Winnie the Pooh movie! LOL!


Love it!

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drank Ceylon BOP by Starwest
1983 tasting notes

Simple is best some days. This is. It isn’t stellar, there aren’t rocketships and moonbeams dancing on my tastebuds, I can’t pick out any distinguishing flavors, but it’s just good, dependable, hot leaf juice. Though I love my teas that cause me to pause and ponder, one doesn’t always need tea that requires deep thought.

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Second steep, about 40 seconds; Juicy Fruit gum flavor.

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If one must spend the afternoon delving into the abyss of federal retiree beauracracy to make health insurance adjustments, one can at least do so in comfort in the backyard glider (ahhh!) with a cup of excellent tea, courtesy again of scribbles, to enjoy.

It always makes me chuckle, the variance of descriptors a single tea can get; proof positive is that nothing you write in a review is wrong—it’s all in your head :) The formal writeup of this one refers to honey, orchids, sandalwood, melon—-these taste buds are picking up sweet, flat, ginger ale with a taste that clings to your tongue after you swallow. The monster-sized leaves smell flowerish, both wet and dry. And as a lover of black teas that graciously take stewing and neglect, I didn’t know what to think of the 2-5 second steep requirement…that’s barely enough to dampen the leaves. However, I tried it (well, it was more like 15 seconds) and got a surprising amount of deep, rich, flavor.

Now, off to send an email into the great Office of Personnel Management Black Hole…

Terri HarpLady

Without a doubt, taste is an individual thing! That’s one of the things that makes steepster so much fun :)


Backyard glider? Without a coat? That was like a squirrel to a dog. Hoping such weather is headed our way. When you grasp the whole federal retiree insurance craziness pass along the knowledge. I have a year and a half wait yet before I am get it and I haven’t a clue.

Stewing and neglect… why can’t it just say that on the label once in a while?


Terri—isn’t it nice to be never wrong? (That happens to me…never.)

Trying to help Dad report Mom’s death to all the appropriate authorities…all the website says is “email xxxx” or call “xxxx.” Not what information is needed, what department to ask for; it’s just like sending an email down the toilet and hoping something pops back up. Bad analogy. Or maybe not.


Count me in, I so agree! When I review, most of the times (unless I’m just too curious to wait) I intentionally read notes AFTER so I can have a good giggle at comparing. It’s so funny when I’m completely off the track with most of the reviewers, but as you’ve mentioned, feels good to never be “officially” wrong :-)

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drank Golden Assam by Tao Tea Leaf
1983 tasting notes

Second experience with this one confirms that it stays on the light side of the Assam spectrum—but as weather attempts to mellow out some, I tend to gravitate that direction with morning teas anyway.

Been one of those weeks where I’ve had to gulp without tasting, so a slow-down cup this morning before long day of elder care errands is very welcome. Thanks again to scribbles!

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Somebody asked me once when I became a tea junkie; I think it dates back to college when I needed caffeine for a 7 a.m. class but chose not to do coffee. My favorite teapot is a medium-sized Brown Betty given to me by my Mema; the painted flowers are chipping off, but the size and feel is perfect. I rejoice when I get a morning to brew a pot of loose tea starting with a kettle; not a bag and a hot pot.


Southwest Missouri

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