I am not sure. That’s pretty much all I can say. I’m not sure. The dry tea has a similar smell to Apres Ski. There is just something…off about it. Is there burdock root in this tea? I thought that ingredient was the culprit for the slightly “garbage” smell in Apres Ski but it is not listed in the ingredients here. Anywhoodles, the root beer smell is there but, again, it is followed by a slightly off smell that can be a bit off putting.

The tea improves moderately when brewed. The root beer flavor is definitely there. It’s much more appealing in tea form than I thought it would be. There is also a nice vanilla background. It’s not as strong as I would like it but it’s there and it enhances the root beer flavor very nicely. The white chocolate added a nice creaminess that brought out the “float” in root beer float. However, there is still a slight off smell that did not go away with brewing like it did in Apres Ski. I added 2 tsp of brown sugar and the all-around flavor of the tea improved.

I also noticed many floaters in this tea. I’m a neat freak so that irked me a little. I ended up straining my tea through a cheesecloth before drinking.

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

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Book blogger. Hockey fan. Reformed coffee drinker. Newly minted tea addict. I grammar police myself and no one else. Pu’er lover.

My favorite type of tea is pu’er. I can see myself living in a house alone with just pu’er cakes, a electric tea kettle, my trusty pu’er pick from Mandala and a thermos. I prefer ripe pu’er but love raw pu’er as well. My current favorite is the Special Dark from Mandala Tea.

Black Tea-I also love all forms of black tea. Black tea is where I started and I still love the malty loveliness of a good black tea. My current favorite is Grandpa’s Anytime Tea from Butiki.

Green Tea-Green tea is pretty hit and miss with me. I have never really developed a liking towards it. I have been dying to explore green tea more. Especially matcha and genmaicha. My current favorite is Autumn Harvest Laoshan Green from Verdant Tea.

Herbals/Mate-It depends on what’s in them. I gravitate more to herbs and spices rather than fruit flavors. My current favorite is Fired Up Fennel from Davids Tea.

I love mate (and guayusa). It helped me kick my coffee habit to one cup a day. I will try any blend with mate in it. My current favorite is Chocolate Rocket from Davids Tea.

White Tea-Sadly, I haven’t tried many white teas but I am planning on it very soon.

Oolong Tea-I have tried one or two oolong teas but in blends only. I am dying to try a straight oolong. My current favorite is Milk Oolong by Mandala Tea.

Rooibos-I love rooibos blends but they are very hit and miss with me. I love the woodiness of rooibos. My favorite is currently Oh Canada from Davids Tea.

Flavored Tea-I love flavored teas. I am willing to try just about any flavor combination and the weirder the better. My current favorite flavored tea is Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha by Verdant Tea.

I am always searching for a tea with fig or chili in it.

My favorite tea companies-Mandala Tea (their Phatty Cake was my first ever “Oh My God” tea moment), Butiki Teas, Verdant Tea, and Davids Tea


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