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I didn’t care for this one (Almond Indulgence, not Almond Cookie). The tea base is very weak, and I don’t taste a strong almond flavor either – this tea tastes a bit like I imagine hot water mixed with a bit of almond extract would. I’m not really tasting cinnamon either.

I tried using more leaf, since I like my tea pretty strong – this has made a big difference with some other Butiki blends, but no luck here. The tea was still weak, and there was this sweet flavor I couldn’t quite identify but really didn’t enjoy. Soy milk didn’t help either – it only enhanced the mystery sweet flavor.

This was my first almond-flavored tea, and I think almond teas are probably not for me – I generally go for fruit flavors or chais when I drink flavored teas, so this was a bit of a departure. That said, I have enjoyed Butiki’s Maple Pecan Oolong.

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I was really excited to try this one. It was my second pumpkin tea, the first being Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Rooibos. That was pleasant enough, but it didn’t actually taste like pumpkin. Pumpkin pie spice, yes. Plain pumpkin puree, no. I was hoping for more with this one, but at the same time I couldn’t quite imagine how one would (successfully) combine actual pumpkin flavor with tea. Pumpkin seemed simultaneously too faint and too… vegetal, I guess? But I’m always intrigued by unexpected flavor combinations.

The first time I brewed this, I was disappointed. I followed the instructions on the package and couldn’t taste much beyond the (very smooth, very pleasant) black tea base. Since then I’ve experimented with using more leaf, and it’s made a big difference. I can’t say exactly how much – I’ve been drinking this at work, and my measurements there are haphazard at best – but probably closer to two teaspoons than one. I like my tea pretty strong, though. But back to the flavor… when I brew the tea this way, I really do taste pumpkin! It’s not dominant, but it is present. I still mainly taste the base – along with some caramel notes – but there are definitely snatches of fresh-out-of-the-oven roasted squash flavor! The spice is delicate, which is a nice change from most pumpkin-flavored foods and drinks. I wouldn’t particularly describe this tea as creamy, although it is very smooth.

I still think pumpkin and tea are kind of a weird combination, but this tea is pretty good. I don’t know that I’d buy it again – just because I don’t think pumpkin tea is really my thing. It’s well-blended, and I am enjoying it. I I’ve only had it plain so far, but I bet it would be nice with some soymilk.

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