200 Tasting Notes

I have lots to add to my tealog but I have had a couple of days of green tea and suddenly craved a bit of “war tea” as we call it. Craving it was made easier by the fact it’s in bags, not loose

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Just bought a new pack of it and you really notice that it is fresher. Maybe it’s a bad idea having 30 types of tea in my cupboard, cos they’ll all get old

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drank China Sencha by Aurora
200 tasting notes

This is properly different from my other green/white teas because it has such a strong grassy flavour, and for that reason I sometimes crave it and no other tea is a possible substitute

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I saw the Spinney Kitchen tea stall selling tea and was telling myself I wouldn’t get any, but then I spoke to the seller who was a lovely lady and very knowledgeable, and let me have a sniff! This is loose leaf pu-erh (not in bricks as I have seen before) and it tastes very nice. I’m just learning what pu-erh is all about, but I like it

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drank Yellow Tea by Leaf
200 tasting notes

My wonderful housemate Kelly bought me this tea and it is very nice and gentle, with large whole leaves and a pale colour to it. Mmm, perfect for a hot day like today

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And that’s the end of my first flush darjeeling from last year. Just in time to get some this year, I think! It has really been a lovely tea and I have enjoying it very much. It’s a tea that’s worth looking after and trying to make the perfect pot!

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drank Li Zi Xiang by Aurora
200 tasting notes

I have decided I like it a lot, because it is light and sweet.If you just hold the tea at the back of your mouth before swallowing, you get a lovely indescribable flavour. But I still prefer some of the other green teas I have. It’s not bad for a light cuppa before bed

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drank Sikkim FTGFOP-1 Temi by Aurora
200 tasting notes

I had a cup in a rush earlier. I usually like to let it cool slightly to let the taste come out but didn’t have time, so I was a little disappointed.I usually think it tastes like staying up late – maybe it’s because the flavour is so dark and exciting… or something

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Six large cups on a work night is probably not a good idea, but it’s so more-ish and very easy. I start with half a teaspoon and for each extra cup I add another half dozen or so ‘cannonballs’. Mmm mmm, I hope I can sleep tonight

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drank Osmanthus by Birt & Tang
200 tasting notes

Having had this I am starting to think that tea with flowers or petals is not my thing. It adds a weak, slightly sweet flavour that is hard to place. It’s very drinkable but unless I enjoy future cups I probably won’t buy it again

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I moved from the UK to Australia in 2015. I’ve had a fascination with tea since university, and like to try lots of different types. My preference is for real tea over other infusions: green tea, oolong and black, including flavoured varieties. I love encouraging people to try new teas. I also play the trombone.
>90: Some of the best I’ve had so far.
80-90: I love this tea, likely to buy again
70-80: Good tea. Most tea in my cupboard is in this category because it’s fine to drink it all day!
50-70: I’d drink it if it was offered to me, and I’ll drink what’s in the cupboard, but I’m unlikely to buy it again.
<50: Glad I tried it, but it’s not very nice.


Hobart, Australia



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