Being new to loose-leaf teas, I now realize that I should have done a lot more experimenting/research before walking into a place like Teavana. One of the staff members was in the doorway with samples, so I promptly took one and had to pick myself up off the floor. It was pure heaven. The aroma only seemed otherworldly. I asked whether or not it was sweetened, to which, she replied, with a tiny bit of that rock cane sugar that they sell. Okay…I don’t put sugar in my tea, so no need to buy the sugar.
I opted to go with the separate canisters instead of the blend, since I wanted the option to try the teas individually. Now, here’s’ where I begin to embarrass myself. I have a Teavana catalog (a friend of mine gave me a wonderful gift of an Yixing teapot and some tea cups along with other accessories), so I knew that the tea was expensive. But I didn’t read the little footnote that stated the prices were per 2oz’s. So, after loading up with 8oz of the Rooibos and the JDPP each, I had to take out a second mortgage (don’t worry…my rate is pretty good).
Nevertheless, I was excited to get home and brew a pot. Suffice it to say, the combination of loose-leaf Rooibos and a novice tea maker does not invoke visions of Tea Brewing Artistry. The aroma was there – it is simply divine – but to quote another member of this wonderful community (and Iroh), it did “taste” like hot leaf juice. In all fairness, I’m still new to this, so I feel a bit like Iroh’s nephew, Zuko (“Uncle…that’s what ALL tea is!”). The taste was pleasant enough, but the fragrance belied its flavor.
I’ve decided that it will take me a couple of tries to get it right, so I am withholding definitive judgment. I have a feeling it will get better when I do.

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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