Well this is from a new order from YOT. I had to give some of their other teas a chance when I heard how much the taste of HK was disliked by some people and considered an “off batch.” This shou is first up and I’m very glad I caked this because it is quite good for the price ($0.09/g). Overwhelming scent, but the taste is much more muted.

Mild sweetness, medium-thick mouthfeel. Lasts 12-15 infusions. Some of this cake literally looks like clumps of clay haha. I know it’s note, but pretty wild how different it looks due to the HK storage.

Dry leaf: Camphor
Wet leaf: Camphor
Taste: Camphor, wet earth, forest floor, wet wood, sweet

Flavors: Camphor, Forest Floor, Sweet, Wet Earth, Wet Wood

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