81 Tasting Notes


Instant Ginger Honey Crystals – tastes great, nice ginger-y drink!

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Jasmine is great, this is my daily bedtime drinker. Simply boil water, plop in a teabag. No sugar, honey, milk or other sweetener is needed.
That was easy.

7/11/2013 – 50 Teabags take a lot of time to sipdown, but so far I’ve enjoyed this tea. This is a bagged tea that has no staples, string, or tag.
I really found that Taylors of Harrogate has a nice selection of teas that are affordable, in local grocery stores, and tasty.

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I wish I had a hot French girlfriend that I could drink this tea with and make love to while we plan our vacation to Paris to visit Jim Morrison at Pere LaChaise Cemetary.

I bought a box (20 count) of this Frenchy tea.
Not my favorite, but will eventually sipdown the entire package.
The cotton muslin teabag and string are unique.
The French / English translation and color coding makes a fun 5 min French lesson.
Didn’t have a black “pick me up” that I wished it had.

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drank Hawthorn Glog by Koro Tea
81 tasting notes

Had a sample of this tea that I tried this afternoon. Nice flavor, I simply boiled some water and threw the tea bag in it. The teabag had a string and staple.

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drank Lady Grey by Twinings
81 tasting notes

My first Lady Grey – it tastes like Earl Gray, I enjoyed it.

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This is one of my favorites. I keep this in my freezer – the tea bags strongly smell like cinnamon and and have an oil to them. This tea I drink hot and add a shot of zwack liquor to it for a bedtime toddy. It does stand out in my tea collection due to the cinnamon smell and taste.

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drank Joy by Tazo
81 tasting notes

I bought this tin at Starbucks – Well BOGO, so a tin was $3.50.
It tastes like an amp’d up Jasmine tea to me.
I’ve been drinking it at night, it’s ok, my first Tazo branded tea I’ve tried.
Would I buy it again, no.
Would I give it to a house guest? Sure, enjoy.

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I’ve been drinking this and I’m enjoying it. It can be the first cup in the morning. I put in a splash of milk and pinch of sugar and I’m good to go!


A good hearty Scots Tea in the morning is excellent!

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I needed to escape my office for lunch.
I needed a place with comfy chairs with hot corporate blond women with ponytails buying their afternoon coffee.
This place fit the bill.
I sat down and let my mind fill up with emptyness.
My eyes got heavy, and I woke up and went back to the corporate grind.
The tea was “meh”
I added three sugar in the raw packets.
I’ll sip it for the rest of the afternoon.

I wanted this tea to remind me of the time I was in Egypt.
I crossed the checkpoint from Israel with three girls.
And hung out in the desert under a tent by the ocean.
The beach in Egypt was filled with garbage that no one picked up.
The restaurants were empty, and there were like five servers assigned to your table.


Ha! your description sounds like the beginning of a movie! Very graphic :-)

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matcha, Matcha, MATCHA!

This is the good stuff. Just add water.
I bought it as a present for myself for my 41st birthday.
Not bitter tasting at all compared to other matchas I have tried.
A little dash goes a long way.
I bought it based on the reviews on steepster.

matcha, Matcha, MATCHA!

12/6 I still drink this about 3x a week as my second cup of tea in the morning. I keep my tin at work. The more I drink it the more it tastes like “butter” to me- sort of drinking melted butter when eating a great lobster dinner. It tastes like grass flavored butter!
It’s an amazing product. I drink it to counter-act any junk, sweet or greasy food that I eat.
So if I eat some potato chips, I wash it down with some hot matcha.

As for claims of any weight loss by drinking matcha, well, I walk 4 miles a day, kick box, zumba, do cardio and my weight remains the same at 174lbs consuming this product, but your results may be different.

7/11/2013 Update – I bought two more tins. I feel this is one of the best ceremonial Matchas to order on the internet. I make a cup when I first get into the office and makes me have energy and focused. If you have ADD / ADHD – I’d try this as an alternative to adderall. Makes me feel focused, relaxed, and “in” the present.

Today I mixed some Matcha with some loose Runa Guayusa tea and was heaven!

Autistic Goblin

matcha is a wonderful thing :D once you figure out how you like it :D

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