I have been curious about this tea for awhile.
It sounds tasty, especially since I have a discovered a new found love of Lapsang Souchong.
So, when Ashmanra offered that we do a swap, this tea jumped out at me.
I will not pretend that the tea’s name has not been a part of my motivation to try this tea.
Today is overcast and rather damp and chilly.
Perfect afternoon to open up my package of McVities Digestive Biscuits and brew up a cup of this.
The scent is lovely, slightly smoky and a tinge of leather and maybe just a whiff of chocolate.
Taste surprised me with almost a tobacco bite, Hmmmm, I think since Sherlock was trying to quit the smoking, I bet he would be swigging this tea down often.
The tea smells delish, and tastes delish.
Its a hit in my book and after the holidays are over and paid off, I plan on making some tea orders and I am quite sure this will be on the list.
Thank you, Ashmanra for giving me a chance to try this lovely tea!

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

I like the idea of Sherlock and Lapsang Souchong!

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I like the idea of Sherlock and Lapsang Souchong!

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A Farmer’s Wife who drinks her tea to forget the din of the world.
Love all tea, from black to herbal concoctions.
Usually start my day with black tea and then move on to Oolong or Green in the afternoon, then finish the day with a tisane.
Loose Leaf teas are my preference, I say “Free the Leaves!” :)
When I am not drinking tea, I enjoy knitting, baking, reading, playing with one of our rescue animals or working along side my husband on our farm.

My rating system is rather relaxed:
50’s or under- Um, is this tea or did I get this from the slop bucket?
60’s- Not really my thing, certainly will not be purchasing again.
70’s- I will give this tea a few more tries to see if it grows on me , right now it is okay but not thrilling me.
80’s- Like this tea a lot. It might be a tea that I have to be in a certain mood for and therefore not a daily drinker, but try to have on hand for those “moods”
90’s and higher- ADORE! Will never be without!

I most always drink my tea plain.
No sweeteners or milk/cream.



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