169 Tasting Notes

drank Rose Scented by Harney & Sons
169 tasting notes

Ahhh, this is just lovely.
I do believe this is the Rose I have been searching for.
When you open the tin, you are transformed into a English Rose Garden.
Not much more to say, except I like it.
If you are looking for a subtle rose tea, than this is not it.
But, if you don’t like timidity, and like your rose tall and proud, then grab up a wee bit of this.

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High Adventure

Darn, I just placed a Harney & Sons order — now I wish I had included this! I love Rose too.

Hesper June

I would be happy to send you a sample. PM me if you are interested:)

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For a anniversary gift, My mother gifted me with some lovely Moroccan Tea Glasses.
They are turquoise and gold and just plain gorgeous.
So, thought I, how can I possibly use these glasses for anything else without first using them as they were originally intended…for tea! (translation: Yah! an excuse to buy tea!)
So, I ordered this from Upton. A proper big tin of it too.
We are real glad I did too.
Because it is over in my gypsy wagon (a camper where we have been living and will be living most of this summer) and after a long morning in a hot field (yes, its hot here already, reaching above 90 degrees) this tea cold-brewed has absolutely hit the spot.
I have also enjoyed it hot.
Hubby even loves this tea, he will be out in the field, and stare up at the sun and say “can’t wait to get back to the camper and have a large, cold glass of that minty tea”
I might have to place another order of it soon, we are flying through the big tin much faster than I expected.
I miss you all! Since living over in a camper most of the time without wifi or anything, I can not write to you all.
But, I am thinking of you each time I have a cuppa.
I bought a little kettle and tea cups from a thrift store and I have a little tea chest over there in the camper.
My hubby makes fun of me.
He says that most people might bring some tea bags, but no, I have teapots and a tea chest of loose tea.
I tell him just because we are living in a camper does not give me the excuse for missing out on a proper cuppa.

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I can not believe that it is almost May.
I feel like I have already lived through a year, with everything that has happened to me so far this year.
Especially, with my health.
More things have occurred, and I keep waiting for my brain to catch up.
I told my Hubby the other day, I guess this is the year of finding out whats wrong and finding solutions.
Part of me is relieved.
I have not felt well for awhile now, and to have someone tell me, that yes, there is something wrong with you.
Well, it meant I was not crazy after all.
Anyway,my days are filled with work, doctor’s appointments and other typical errands.
But, I still make time for tea.
This morning, I decided that I wanted to try this tea.
Chocolate and Earl Grey for a Monday. Sounds perfect.
I was surprised to see all the other items in the tea tin with the dry leaf.
Chocolate chunks and orange peel and flowers.
Smelled tasty though.
The tea is actually quite yummy.
I was afraid the chocolate would over power my beloved bergamot, but it does not, in fact it almost compliments the bergamot.
I am usually not a fan of messing with my earl, I like him strong and a little rough.
But, this Earl is quite nice, and I would not mind indulging in him now and than.
Happy Monday, Folks!

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Good to hear from you! Hope the medical answers you’re getting are helping you find a groove to get in!


My first thought was chocolate and Earl Grey? Eeeewww. Then your review changed my mind. Sounds like we agree on how EG should be done!

Hurray on getting the doctors to hear you.

High Adventure

Chocolate Earl Grey? I’d try it! I just tried a chocolate truffle that was made with an Earl Grey ganache — yum. Never would have put those two flavors together, but they totally work.

I hope your medical issues are easily cured!


Health issues are the worst. I’ll pray for a speedy recovery for you.

Hesper June

Thank you. Just feeling blessed that I finally know whats going on.

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Good Morning, Steepster!
I am starting my day with this tea.
When the tea is brewing I get hints of chocolate and tobacco.
First taste is brisk then a spicy, earth tone comes out.
Notes of avocado, perhaps?
I seem to enjoy this tea on days that I am not rushing out the door.
Since, it gets the job done of waking you up, but not in quite a bracing manner as an Assam.
A great tea to sip while catching up with letter writing.
Have a beautiful Thursday, friends!

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The last week has not been stress free by any means.
So, when I got up this morning, I remembered this tea from my Upton order.
I have tried a lavender earl in the past (by Revolution Tea) and liked it.
But, when I opened the little sample tin of this, I grew frightened.
I like lavender, don’t get me wrong, but that was all I could smell.
I cried out “Earl, honey? You even in there”
No response, so I poured over the hot water and waited…the lavender is not nearly as strong(thank goodness) as the dry leaf.
It mellowed out some and I can smell the bergamot.
Lavender does hit your tongue first.
The bergamot takes the back seat in this brew, but is still there.
You have to like lavender to like this tea.
Right now, it is hitting the spot for me though.
I can feel the tension leaving my temples.
This tea would be lovely for a afternoon tea break at work.
Come at me, world. I am ready.

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Tomorrow I go to the doctor and get retested to see if the liquid restriction helped.
If it did not, then I have something else, perhaps something bigger going on with me.
If it did help, then I am going to have to keep my liquid levels down still.
(sigh) Between and rock and a hard spot for sure.
Anyway, I am trying this tea for the first time, and when I opened up the little sample tin, I said. “Ohhhhh”
It smelled like a orange cream dessert.
But, at the same time I was drooling over the scent, I was also frightened.
I mean, I am a bit of a Earl Grey devotee.
Once brewed, the sugary orangey custardy odor toned down some, and I could smell my good ol’ bergamot shining through.
Taste still reminds me of cake or custard.
This tea is good, very tasty indeed.
But, in some sense, I am having a hard time thinking it a Earl Grey at all.
It taste more like a good quality flavored dessert tea.
But, I do like it, and will happily finish the rest of the sample.
Have a great Tuesday, you all!

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this is the only earl grey that i love because it reminds me of lemon custard lol

Hesper June

It totally does. Glad I was not crazy when I immediately thought of custard.
When I was enjoying the re-steep, I started thinking about making a Earl Grey Creme flavor custard-based ice cream… I just might have to indulge that thought soon:)


Well I dunno if that means you’re NOT crazy or we both are :)

Hesper June

Well, better to be crazy with company than sane and alone!
(but, either way, I am drinking tea:)

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Mama said there would be days like this. There would be days like this, Mama Said.
Sleep eluded me last night.
So grumble, mumble, fumble for any tin of tea.
Open it and take a whiff, ah…its the Earl.
He will make the day better for sure.
Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQlImg2bm28
Because now I know you are humming it;)
Happy Saturday, all you awesome Steepster folks.


Papa Earl to the rescue :-)

Hesper June

Yup. he makes everything all better:)

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Awhile ago, the gracious Ashmanra gave me a lovely Twinings Rose blend tea.
I adored it.
So, I ordered this tea.
The first time I tried it I was both surprised and slightly disappointed.
I am assuming that the Twinings tea has some added flavoring.
This tea does not.
Which results in it not having that high rose perfume-y odor and taste.
(which tasted like drinking a rose garden on a summer afternoon)
This tea is different.
Its lightly floral with a hint of spice.
It is certainly good quality black tea, with a bit brightness.
For some reason this tea makes me think of the Dowager Countess.
I am not sure why, her name is Violet after all, not Rose.
But, the character of this tea really reminds me of her.
Always ladylike, bright, and a bit of spice and like the grand lady herself…I was not sure if I liked it at first, but it grew on me.
I think I would still like to find a more floral (perfume-y?) rose tea.
But, I will enjoy this while I have it.

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Harmed and Sons is definitely more floral and is a great mix in with other teas!

Hesper June

I was looking at that the other day and wondering.
Will have to order that when this tin gets a little lower:)


China Rose Tea OP by ESP Emporium is really lovely too.

Hesper June

Writing that down.
I have H&S’s on the way, so if it does not meet my expectations, then I will give that one a go:)

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I hope you lovely folks are having a lovely Spring so far.
I am still on a liquid restriction, but this morning I wanted this tea.
Awhile ago (before the great dry period of 2013) I ordered from Upton.
I ordered a bunch of their sample packs, which most are sitting untouched.
But, Hubby and I have tried this tea and really enjoyed it, and today I awoke thinking of it, so I muttered “Screw you, Doctor Mark” and made myself a cup.
And not my tiny amount of tea, an actual mug of this tea.
Its malty, chocolately and some slight figgy fruityness
No milk or sugar in it for me, but I certainly think it would stand up well to some.
This is a tea that seems quite manly to me.(My hubby enjoys it)
It is robust, and full flavored but it also does not have tart tannins.
Just lots of eyelid opening flavor.
Perfect for a brisk spring morning:)

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Drinking this today.
I went to the doctor this week and had a recheck…I am now on even more of a liquid restriction.
Which is truly frustrating to me.
So, this is why I have not been on here much, folks.
I am not drinking much tea (although, I am getting really good at brewing tiny amounts of tea…it looks I am having a tea party for fairies;)
And reading all your delightful reviews makes me feel pouty that I can not drink (which is something I just need to get over)
Still liking this tea. In fact its growing more and more on me.
Although, any tea I enjoy now a days feels almost naughty to be indulging in.
I am hoping that all these health issues clear up soon.
Missing you all and my lovely tea too:(


We miss you too!


Vent here as much as you want and need to! We care about you!


I hope everything is better for you soon!


Aww no I hope you get better soon! Miss you on here Mrs June!


Well, pooh! Hang out anyway, tea or no tea. You’re missed!

Hesper June

Thank you, all! I knew I could get empathy here:)


Also missing you! Health is everything, so focus on getting yours back ASAP :-)
P.S. Really liking the idea of a Fairy tea party!!!

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A Farmer’s Wife who drinks her tea to forget the din of the world.
Love all tea, from black to herbal concoctions.
Usually start my day with black tea and then move on to Oolong or Green in the afternoon, then finish the day with a tisane.
Loose Leaf teas are my preference, I say “Free the Leaves!” :)
When I am not drinking tea, I enjoy knitting, baking, reading, playing with one of our rescue animals or working along side my husband on our farm.

My rating system is rather relaxed:
50’s or under- Um, is this tea or did I get this from the slop bucket?
60’s- Not really my thing, certainly will not be purchasing again.
70’s- I will give this tea a few more tries to see if it grows on me , right now it is okay but not thrilling me.
80’s- Like this tea a lot. It might be a tea that I have to be in a certain mood for and therefore not a daily drinker, but try to have on hand for those “moods”
90’s and higher- ADORE! Will never be without!

I most always drink my tea plain.
No sweeteners or milk/cream.



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