What a wonderful tea!

In my opinion there are two ways of enjoying this tea, and both methods really deserve a little attention. The first is the more traditional method of steeping quickly and frequently. This method could be described as taking a long slow sip of a wonderfully complex cup of tea. It is best done with small tea cups, 6 oz. or smaller, so that it can be drunk while still hot to warm in temperature. Each cup, and I’ve made it up to ten steepings when I’ve had the luxury of time, offers a gentle progression of the tea’s green, earthy, flavor. I get the impression that I am drinking the tea from the tip of the leaf and through the plant all the way to the root. It progresses from a bright and leafy flavor to an earthy almost bark-like flavor.

The second method, while not traditional, has a lot to offer as well. Brew the tea for three minutes or so, still using the very warm but not boiling water. Watch the tea leaves color the water as they trade essences. Then enjoy a deeply complex play of both subtle and rich layers of flavor. Even using this method you can enjoy multiple steepings, but rather than a progression, I find that they flavor weakens.

Drinking this tea without adornment is my recommendation. This tea also makes a great iced-tea as well.

I would warn that in my experience this tea has a strong caffeine effect, and a long lasting one. While it isn’t as harsh (in that way) as coffee, this is a work horse of a tea. My suggestion, start your day with this tea, and keep it going with steepings throughout your day. This tea, he will be a very good companion to you!

180 °F / 82 °C

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less than 10 – Undrinkable
10 – Horrible quality, surprisingly wretched!
20 – Poor quality, an experience to avoid
30 – Poor quality, can fake a smile while drinking
40 – Lesser quality, I wouldn’t pay for it
50 – Lesser quality, will do in a pinch
60 – Decent quality, nothing special
70 – Good quality, to my liking, a good staple
80 – Good quality, an enjoyable tea to savor
90 – Superior quality, a truly special tea to study
100 – Heavenly quality,


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