So I decided to try this iced, I wasn’t to sure about floral and cold, but something was telling me give it a try.

This is so delicious and refreshing. Instead of tasting like I was drinking perfume like I feared, this actually just tasted like sitting on the porch on a hot spring day next to the fragrant jasmine flowers that are intertwined along the porch railing and climbing their way up the wire arches. You’re drinking an ice cold green tea, and the jasmines smell so strong you can almost swear you can taste them in your tea. And you love it, you couldn’t imagine a more perfect place. And that’s what this taste like. Cool and flowery and slightly sweet and just fresh. Even in the dead of night I can almost feel a warm breeze. I need a big pitcher of this cold in my fridge for the hot Florida days.

The second steeping is just as bright and floral as the first and the leaves are still so fragrant there’s no doubt in my mind that I could get at least one or two more good cups out of this.

Iced 1 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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