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I’m an avid tea drinker, it’s what I drink all day and why I’m here. I don’t ...

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My taste for tea started at an early age. As a child, I would frequently enj...



as a child I would feel forced to drink teas to cure common illness. often procrastinating the inevitable chug-of-misery of what was likely by then, a room tempature fluid that was half honey with a bag of throat coat Traditional Medicinals Tea still sitting in the cup for god knows how long.
But during my culinary art adventure in high school we had taken a, unexpected tour of the celestial seasonings factory where i was a re-born tea lover! there, all my senses were reborn and I discovered my first cup of PROPERLY brewed tea. then after that I felt content with my collection of bag teas. soon after while biking around my town of fort collins I stumbled across a lovely shop called “happy lucky’s” at that time the store had not yet been open for a year. when i walked in I was amazed by all the tea and the man there asked if i wanted to sample anything. that cup of loose leaf silver needle was the first sip of a full blown passion. it has now been 3 years since my tea-lightenment and i greatly enjoy my severl cups of tea each day. now I’m strickly a loose leaf drinker who enjoys studying brewing methods, medical use, history and what ever else. but I’m certainly not as knowledge on how to properly analyze the flavors, I simply put some words together (typically a hodge-podge of improperly aligned scenes that really only i can understand) desperately trying to convey my feelings to my confused listener. its rare that i meet a tea that i cannot appreciate, even black (who i drink very rarely) has its purpose on my pallet. so don’t be surprised to see most my ratings in the green. I wan’t to expand my abilities in tasting as well as expanding my tasting.
please excuse my poor grammar and aimless ramblings, I’m pretty new to this blogging and reviewing world.


new york, new york

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