drank Green Anji by Adagio Teas
74 tasting notes

Did a light drinking of this puppy. Trying to keep myself up, and I wanted a tea to settle my stomach, which is still a bit a blahhh from the Jack D’s. Strong stuff. I skipped my 8AM class this morning. Gonna crash on the couch after this review.

So, I made it in a gaiwan. Didn’t bother with a cup, just drank straight from the vessel. A pretty simple time – just had my gaiwan, a small draining tray, and a woonsan (Korean tea cooling bowl). I guess that’s somewhat elaborate, actually… For me, I guess it’s really a middle ground for me, seeing as I usually either go all out Gong Fu, or I just drop leaves in the cup, and drink my tea that way.
On that note, quickly, and the one before it, I saw the cup I used last night to make the crappy TKY. I didn’t clean it out. The leaves are in there, all unfurled… It looked gross, and made me feel gross. I love the look of open tea leaves, but knowing how bad they taste… and just how bad they look.. They look bad. Ew.

Onto the tea – It’s good this way. I think I preferred it more when I was actually steeping it for specific amounts of time, and paying more attention to water temp. The tea from the bottom of each infusion, though, was really strong and unpleasant – but I guess that’s to be expected. I think this manner of drinking suits oolongs best… i love oversteeped oolong.

I’m rambling. I want Chinese food, really bad. I’ll get some after my nap.

Tea left my mouth kind of dry. It’s not a special tea, but it’s worth brewing properly. Nice smell on the lid of my gaiwan. The brewed leaves aren’t absolutely gorgeous, but oh well.
Tea time has passed. It’s couch nap time.

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