drank Mugicha (Barley) by Puripan
74 tasting notes

Mixed with Oksusucha, as usual, I put this tasting under Mugicha, because I used a larger proportion of it – probably 3-1.
Some people try to find teas that work with meals… While that may work with alcohol, it’s my philosophy that tea should compliment your day, not your dinner.
While the day is relatively young, it’s only 10AM, I’ve been up for about four hours, and this was a nice mugga (as opposed to cuppa) to have on my balcony while playing solitaire and listening to light techno. Had a few cups of coffee with breakfast at a diner I’ve been visiting lately, and I guess I wanted something kind of similar, what with the roasted flavor. Diners are nice places, really. They’re friendly and talkative… and I stand out a bit, usually being the only person younger than 50. And to emphasize that, I have a facial piercing, now XD
( what do you guys think? http://imdead-goaway.deviantart.com/art/A-bit-high-brow-143080726 Got it monday :) )

Anyway, a splendid tea for complimenting those… lethargic moments. The ones where you just sit, think, and if you want, you can even get in tune with your own heart beating. I like waking up really early, having a few hours of solitude, and getting breakfast at the diner – maybe I’ll come across some roses to smell. The sky is blue now, with a nice mix of clouds, and the palm trees add a nice touch (oh, California…) Okusucha and Mugicha, left to freely steep, make a nice undertone for it all.
But, alas, I have class in less than an hour, and I should head down to campus soon so I can copy the homework from someone before the professor arrives.
I’m in a good mood, so I’ll wish splendid sippings to you all. May all the teas you encounter today steep well, and treat your taste buds kindly.

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