drank Mugicha (Barley) by Puripan
74 tasting notes

Shoot me.
I made this tea with bottled water.
Long story.

Nothing special about this cup, made it around 2AM. Of course, I mixed this with corn tea…
Know what? Forget the review of this tea.
Frustrated story time.

I’m having a small water crisis. All my jugs of clean water are empty, and I avoid using tap water for my good teas, because it ruins the flavor a bit. I also don’t like using tap water in my boiler
(this is it, by the way. Gorgeous machine, perfect element for my teatime)
The main problem here with getting more water is that, as I’ve mentioned in a previous log, my sleeping hours are way off. Because of this, I’m generally not up and awake until around 9ish (PM), when everything closes. This means I can’t get to the clean water store – very annoying. Especially when a gallon of water costs only 25 cents. And while they technically have slots outside that actually vend water 24-hours a day, all my water jugs are gross – one of them has green junk on the bottom.
So, the other night, ‘round midnight I believe, I put on my family’s kettle with some nasty tap water, with the intention of making the very tea I’m reviewing – the kernals, in fact, were in the cup. While I waited for it to boil, I sat down for a moment at the computer and tried out a flash game. Nothing special, but pretty fun, so I keep playing. Eventually, my sister, with her childbirth-enhanced sense of smell, calls downstairs and asks if something is burning.
So, I’m down a kettle.
Still wanted tea. So I put a bit of tap water in my H2O boiler thing… watching it slosh into my glass kettle, with all the stuff added into our water becoming increasingly visible… I just poured it all out, losing my entire appetite for tea.

The next night, (technically yesterday morning) I was getting bored sometime after the witching hour – watching late-night television and taking care of my decrepit dog so he doesn’t wake everyone else up can only hold me for so long – so I took a trip to get some food and spend some time in front of this fence. Yeah, a fence – I’m not going to explain the whole story, but it’s a really special spot for me. So, I consulted the fence for advice.
It told me, in short, to stop being so lazy.
When I got home, I wrote out a hearty “to-do” list for the day, though I had to wait until the world woke up to do anything. I had things, like “set up appointment at DMV”, “take donations to Good Will” and “contact Alex about gig with the newspaper”. I was going to keep myself awake, too, and maybe even get onto a normal sleep schedule.
In the end, I fell asleep around 4 while waiting for my mother to return with the car so I could do stuff, and I didn’t check a single thing off my list. Including number 2, “Get Water.”

I made this tea this morning, the kernals still in the cup from a previous night, with bottled water.
Shoot me.


Oh wow. Have you considered a Brita pitcher? I use mine so much it should be considered abusive.

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Oh wow. Have you considered a Brita pitcher? I use mine so much it should be considered abusive.

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