5 Tasting Notes


Beauty Sleep is a chamomile-rose peaflower tea. The honey flavor in this completely overpowers the rose- it is but a faint aftertaste. If I hadn’t prepared it myself, I would have believed at least 4 tablespoons of honey went into my cup.

Fortunately, the tea itself is palatable. It’s ‘sweet’ enough to drink without sugar, but adding a bit of sweetener helps bring out the rose a bit more. A bit of milk might make for a satisfying latte.

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An inoffensive black tea.
I got this as a sample from my order, and it’s exactly what you expect- a mellow, black tea- no flavor lost from the decaffeination process. It’s simple, plain, and serves its purpose.

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drank Earl Grey by Harney & Sons
5 tasting notes

A solid Earl Grey. When I think of what an Earl Grey should taste like, this tea comes to mind.

I also have Earl Grey Supreme from H & S in my cupboard and compared the two, and I prefer this one. Bewildering, as other Earl Grey Supremes I’ve had were superior to their Earl Grey counterparts (EG Supreme being higher quality, as the name suggests).
The tea is smooth and round, and the bergamot is a relaxed note instead of the brighter zip in the Supreme. A perfect tea for reading a book or enjoying a quiet evening- if you don’t mind the caffeine, that is!

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drank SoHo Blend by Harney & Sons
5 tasting notes

I tried to like Soho, I really did. If I ignore certain aspects of the tea, I could enjoy it. Unfortunately, the smell is a hair off from nauseating. I thought it was just how potent the amaranth was in the tin, but my nose still hurt from just smelling the brewed tea in the cup as I drank it.
If we look past it accosting my nose, the tea itself was palatable. With milk and sugar, it could definitely be a standalone dessert. The chocolate flavoring is artificial, but not unpleasant.

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A miss. I ordered this tea for my friend and he liked it, so I decided to pick one up for myself. Harney and Sons tend to use flavorings, so I wasn’t expecting much of the cherry blossom to come through. The scent of the tea is the tiniest bit artificial, but pleasant enough. The cherry blossom- if I could even call it that; I have tried cherry blossoms before and the tin itself lists “cherry flavoring” and not “cherry blossom flavoring”- taste is light but artificial enough for me to want to put this tea down. Unfortunate, as I do enjoy some of the other teas H & S produces.

Flavors: Cherry

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