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Oh my, I am in love! The woman at DT said that this reminded her of coffee, which I do miss but my stomach can no longer handle. But, the coffee comment had me wondering. Will it be acidic? Will it be tea pretending to be coffee and therefore fake?

But, it was not at all. It sure looks like coffee when it is brewing. But, other than that, it is pure tea. The taste is strong and lovely, but it has very little after-taste (well, as long as you steep it not too long). I think the coffee comment was about the full-bodied aspect of it – it does not taste watery at all. The tea goes down extremely smoothly. It is perfect for the morning, or for one of those long rainy days when energy seems to be fleeting.

The best part about it, is that my husband, who does not understand the big deal about the teas, does not understand why I have a drawer of 20 different kinds, and looks at me with a somewhat glazed, patient expression when I talk about them, LOVES this tea! Score one point for the tea lovers!!!!

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I have yet to get into all of DavidsTea’s straight teas. I feel like this one would maybe be a good starting point? Did you drink it plain (i.e. w/o milk or sugar)?


I had it with milk and sugar, as I do all black teas. Apparently they do drink it that way in Kenya. Good luck!


I just had a conversation with Mum this morning about how this reminds me so much of coffee!! it’s where I turn when I miss it :)

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drank Lime Gelato by DAVIDsTEA
29 tasting notes

This tea is very nice and does taste like creamy lime gelato or even key lime pie.

I like to use different teas for different occasions, and this one I use for the kind of mornings after the baby wakes up several times in the night, then I have a work deadline in the morning. Actually, I am having that kind of day right now and I am writing tea reviews to avoid it! This tea is my replacement for the handful of chocolate chip cookies or the big piece of cake that I used to grab for. This tea says “it is okay, things are not so bad, have some ‘pie’!” Hey, it’s not Xanex, but it feels awfully good to drink.

It brews very light – so light that at first I was worried about messing it up somehow. But, I think it is just the style. It is also a bit unsettling to see the chunky fruit pieces as they brew. I don’t think there is much caffeine here, since there are so many fruit pieces.

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I got this tea because I love both the Birthday Cake tea and Green and Fruity from DT and I saw all of the great reviews here. I found that after several tries, with milk, and without. With sugar and without. Cooler and hotter. I find after several tries, I don’t find the taste combination appealing. It does have a caramel after-taste, but the Rooibos taste is strongly unappealing. It also tastes as though there is something missing. I actually tried adding a small amount of salt at one point, but that was not the missing ingredient.

I went to my local DT and they said that it was because the teas I prefer have Green Rooibos, and this one is Red Rooibos, and the two are quite different. So live and learn! I guess I will give this one away to a friend.

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I got this as a sample, and thought it was pretty good! Like Daydreamer, it is a bit reminiscent of Tim Horton’s Peach Drink, but as I said over on that tea, I like the Peach Drink! I have gone many years thinking that I hated Rooibos tea and it made me gag, but in experimenting a little and taking suggestions from other posters on this forum, I have opened my mind to it. In this blend, it is quite refreshing and soothing at the same time. I am driving up to my local David’s Tea tomorrow, and will be picking some up!

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drank Zen Full Leaf Tea by Tazo
29 tasting notes

I had this tea at Starbucks the other day and it was very good. The spearmint adds a bit of a kick, yet it is very calming a at the same time. I think they have done a pretty good job since they introduced the full leaf teas a few years ago, and not nearly as “dusty” tasting as the previous iteration.

Iced, it is quite tasty, again with the spearmint giving it a refreshing aspect. The barrista can also add lemonade, and though it is kind of fake tasting, it is still quite yummy.

I find this one very bitter when over-steeped, so I have a very short steep time when having it hot.

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This tea is light, a little bit nutty and very smooth. I love the light green color – it looks beautiful in the small, Asian-style tea cups – I put it in a light cup since seeing it is part of the experience! In Japan they drink this all the time, since it goes with everything and my Japanese friends swear it is key to their slim figures (though I think genes play a major role!) I find that if I steep it incorrectly (ie. water is too hot) it gets quite bitter. I could see some people finding that this is too light and watery, but I find that refreshing. Definitely a part of my daily tea routine!

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This tea tastes like medicine. Actually, I would rather have medicine instead of drinking it again.

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I remember in design school my professors used to say that if you want it to look like wood, make it out of wood. Plastic, metal and other materials with wood grain were not acceptable. And, if you believe that, this tea is not for you. You should stick to traditional tea, like English Breakfast, Earl Grey etc.

If you want something a little fun, a little whimsical, a little daring, and a way to get cake taste without the calories this tea is for you! I was surprised by some of the other reviewers here – of course it is sweet! Of course it is strong! It is tea that is supposed to taste like birthday cake! It is a very fun celebration of tastes! I have a little sugar and milk in it (amounting to 40-50 calories in all), and it does taste exactly like birthday cake (400+ calories). Usually rooibos teas make me gag a bit, but this one tastes really smooth. Nice to be guilt free with a Note: it looks pretty before you steep, but not during.

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drank Daydreamer by DAVIDsTEA
29 tasting notes

After reading Uniquity saying that this tastes like Tim Horton’s Peach Drink, I can’t untaste it! It does taste an awful lot like that. I do like the Peach Drink though, and this is a nice tea for the afternoon, using the small Asian-style cups. I am not head over heals on this one, but it is good enough.

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I wanted to like this tea – since I love green tea and I love pomegranates, but it is definitely a miss for me. I find the fruit taste tastes inauthentic and something about the tastes just do not blend together.

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