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I really need to check steepster before brewing up new teas. 2.5 min just isn’t enough! All I got from this was a hint of nut, not even peanutbutter, and some floral sweetness and then of course the honeybush.
I have enough to try again.
Thank you for the sample Lala!

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drank Bedouin Chai by Wissotzky Tea
1696 tasting notes

This was just what I needed today. Yum. Very lemony, in an herbal sort of way. It feels cleansing.
The spices are nicely blended with the lemongrass to create a cooling and refreshing taste that I think would do well iced.
Also, I didn’t do this as a latte but it had that feel to it even though I only added a bit of milk!

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Oh yum. It might be a tad weak, but I really don’t mind. It still packs a flavour punch!
Also, I noticed that cacao only stays fresh for a few months before losing a ton of potency. One of those that are best to keep in small quantities and refresh often.
Anyhow, the flavour is quite nice. I love the cocoa/strawberry hybrid. It’s nice and light for a dessert tea, but tasty enough that I keep going back for more! without any sugar!
I’ll definitely restock this at some point. Unless they come out with a blueberry version, at which point I’ll be all about that…

Flavors: Cocoa

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I totally forgot about this one in my cupboard!! how did that happen?! Oh well, spring is here and I am getting back into my greens and oolongs again, finally. There was awhile where I was so not interested. What a relief!
Anyhow, I oversteeped it by about thirty seconds. Not so good. Must remember that this does not follow typical 52teas protocol…

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drank SBT: Mango Peach by 52teas
1696 tasting notes

I’ve had this both iced and hot now. Iced, it’s just a regular ol’ black iced tea. Not bad, but nothing special. Even with a bit of sugar.
Hot, it was a bit better. I could actually taste peach!! Yeah!
Very mild peach, but it was there. Overall it was pleasant but I’m docking it a bunch of points because I was really looking forward to peach/mango and it’s barely there at all.
Too bad I haven’t got enough left to make kombucha.

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drank KaiMatcha Premium by KaiMatcha
1696 tasting notes

The dreaded head cold got me!!! Noooooooo.
This is especially troublesome because I have a phone interview this afternoon. For a job I really do need but it’s in the wrong city. I enjoy working in the city (seriously, I’ve thought long and hard about this, it really is a thing for me, for many reasons).
So I’ve generally turned down opportunities to work in the suburbs. Except now I need the cash to tide me over and this job is related to my field. Thankfully it’s only a three month contract.
Ugh. What to do!?

Anyhow, as usual I don’t make this delicious tea nearly often enough, and again, as usual I’ve drained my mug faster than a kid with a milkshake. So many levels of delicious.
I’m impressed that I can actually taste it through my stuffed up nose.

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Bare, without any sugar or milk, this is really hitting the spot for me today!!
Maybe that’s because it’s the only tea I’ve had all day after being kidnapped by my friend and goddaughter. Or maybe I’m just in a good mood? :P

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This is a very easy sipping puerh. Not my fave type, though if I hadn’t lost track of the time(2nd steep) I might have got more menthol and been more impressed but I guess now I’ll never know. Wah.
Anyhow, I did enjoy it. Really I did. It’s just that whenever I have a lighter puerh, I always think to myself that I really do prefer the darker variety. What a shame. I really need to get into the zen of it. But then getting annoyed at myself for not being able to “zen out” is somewhat counterproductive…. ok I’ll stop.

The tea is good. There is that clay sort of feel that I have mixed thoughts on in the first infusion, along with a long and flat woody note.
Second one is sweeter, with a bit of peach and that slight minty cooling sensation. Not sure about bamboo. What does bamboo taste like again?

Thanks Jalam Teas for the sample!! (by way of my buddy K)

Terri HarpLady

Open a can of bamboo shoots? ;)


LOL good idea. I love bamboo in my Thai food, but then its usually covered in sauce. I need to buy me a can!

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Well I know I had a review of this. I recall writing it. Where did it go?
This happens often to me, it seems. Hmph.

Anyhow, I tried something different today. Milk, water, and a whole lotta ice in the blender.
It turned the ice into a strange frothy cloud that I think would go really well if it had been mint. But the cherry was odd. More floral and not very strong. Oh well. Live n learn.

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drank Pineapple Oolong by Lupicia
1696 tasting notes

Aw yeah. I really need to invest in getting me a tin of this!
Thanks so much for the sample TeaBrat!!
I love how the base pairs with the pineapple. It’s SO subtle. One of those teas I could just gulp down like I haven’t had water for days. Seriously. I am in love.
Now, the last time I had this, I wasn’t so sure. I’m not sure what’s changed. The tea, or my tastes? Either way… I am happy :D


So much Lupicia on my dash right now, loving it. <3


Oh yeah, gonna bust this one out in the near fuche, I think!!


I’m glad you liked it :)


Anna, Really?! Not on mine lol But hey it is delish!!


Keychange, I think you’ll like it, it is quite the beaut!! :D


TeaBrat, you are so generous. Thanks again!!


Yes! Yes! Everyone is Lupicia-ing!


Hahaha yes!! Is this the Steepster version of planking now :P


DYING from that visual! DYING!!!


Hahaha. Play! Love! Freedom! Now I want to watch those videos of people freeing net-entangled sea creatures and making them happy again…


LOL I love that somehow we’ve managed to liken tea folk to sea creatures :P




Bahahahaa!!! How did I miss this?!
Next time I make a cuppa tea I expect to find a mini Lochness in my pot :P


Look at the last one, under the ‘Traditional’ heading: http://www.loreaxe.com/portfolio.php

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Let’s see… I’m a tea and workout fanatic, I work in HR, and most of my friends consider me to be an egg. White on the outside, Asian on the inside :)
-from philosophy to food, I love it all
Otherwise, what you see is what you get! I can be very straightforward and yet shy.

Also, I’ve started taking tea sommelier classes and it is an absolute blast! Well, so far I’ve only finished the first out of eight courses, but I am really looking forward to the next one.

Anyhow, if your curious as to how I rate things, this is how I work…

Like eating dirt, or some other unsanitary indelicacy that mentioning in my profile here would likely get me banned.
I don’t think I’ve found cause to banish a tea to the wasteland yet though so who knows what it’d inspire ;P

You know that expression “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”? I imagine drinking that water would be terrible enough to warrant this rating!
I’d never make my enemy drink this, but perhaps I’d throw it at them. Good thing I don’t have any enemies!

This is “tea”?? I tried finishing the cup… but my body rejected it. There may be others who enjoy this tea, but it’s beyond me!

I tried liking it, and I can almost get there! I certainly don’t hate it, but something is holding me back. Allergies? Men in white suits? who knows… certainly not me!

Lovely tea! Not my all time fave but close. I likely wouldn’t repurchase, but may decide to based on many factors: price, accessibility, whether it fills a “tea gap”, medicinal applications, and how often I crave it.
Every once in awhile I find the sweet spot that bumps these up to 90+. Those are the days I need to buy a lotto ticket!

Sweet Camellia! this is realllly good tea! Don’t talk to me until I’ve finished my cup…

Tea of the gods. I would do anything to get my hands on more of this liquid gold!


Toronto (Mississauga, but I work in TO)



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