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I wanted to mention, since I saw some people mentioning the kola nut and for those wanting to attempt a blend on their own, KOLA NUT on its own is insanely bitter and does not have a nice taste at all. All the cola taste and smell you were getting from this, unfortunately was artificial flavoring and aromas.
The tea was naturally sweet due to the dried fruit and also the honeybush which is a naturally sweet herb and excellent for regulating the appetite too.
With this tea, the big energy boost came from the guarana content, a fantastic little seed that really boosts energy levels and burns fat while controlling the appetite. so, for those looking for the health effects and performance, try a blend of this:
honeybush, lapacho (pau d’arco bark….a very antimicrobial herb), Mate, kola nut (but only a TINY bit), guarana seed (again, only a small amount until you see how you react to it!), cinnamon (gets the blood circ going) and then add in any flavors, fruits, spices you want according to your taste preference! hope that helps! :)

its a shame teopia was bought over by teavana as this tea no longer exists….I looked at teavanas website to see if they have anything similar and sadly they do not. Personally, I blend tea for a living but I buy teas from other companies constantly for the sake of knowing what else is out there (and ensuring mine is still the best lol). I don’t typically condone teas that have flavors or aromas added to them but this tea was so delicious that I added it to my “guilty pleasure cupboard” to drink on occasion when no one was watching! ;) and was my go to tea to settle for when i got caught off guard traveling and ran out of my own blends….

195 °F / 90 °C 8 min or more

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I’m an herbal medicine and certified natural health practitioner, a tea enthusiast and creator.
I believe in utilizing the copious tastes, fragrances, textures, colours provided to us by nature rather than artificial and unnatural additives. I view tea blending as an artistic expression and tea enjoyment, as a way of life.


Marieville Quebec



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