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Roobios is hit or miss for me. Some days I love the stuff and others I can’t get past the ‘mulchy’ flavor and scent. Luckily tonight is a night where I can enjoy it. I was looking forward to a nice calming cup since I had a rather eventful night (mostly positive, minus that kind policeman who pulled us over in a speed trap.). This tea really hit the spot. The almond smell is definitly there, and I absolutely adore the addition of the sprinkles. I think things like this bring out the kid in me, in a really awesome way. The taste is all roobios, with a dash of almond on the back of my tongue. I love almond/amaretto flavors a lot, so this makes me happy.

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Between my husband and I, we got 3 tickets in the past few weeks. Ugh.


Whats funny is that my husband perpetually drives like he’s running from the mob. And the one time he legit just didn’t notice the speed limit had changed on the freeway (it was around 2am on the way home on a friday night, he’s not trying to get breath tested even if he hasn’t had anything boozy since 10) he got pulled over. The cop we had was actually really cool about it, and only wrote for 5 over when my husband was doing more like 20 over. But damn what kind of luck lol.

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Made for one of my favorite characters, this blend smells just like I’d expect him too. Sweet with a hint of chocolaty mystery. In the cup, its quite tart, but with a dash of Stevia in the Raw, that fixes up quick. I had this with my morning fruit yesterday, and it didn’t let me down. Looking forward to trying it with some almond milk once I get more, because cherry/almond sounds amazing.

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Holy moly. This tea smells just Phenomenal. I had forgotten the mango/papaya flavors involved. This tea tastes…just amazing. It tastes like I wish working out felt. As someone who hates working out and is trying to lose weight, this is a lovely addition to make myself feel better. I’m realizing I really have come to adore Oolong teas as a whole. So glad I ordered this.

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drank Cherry Marzipan by Tea Forte
93 tasting notes

Rating this after my second drink. The first one I was impressed with the scent, but not terribly impressed with the flavor. It was too subtle to me. I remembered reading on the dicussions here that adding some sweetner usually makes certain flavors pop, so I added a packet of Stevia in the Raw, and BOOM hello Cherry! This, with sweetener (I’d say half a packet is better, this is a little too sweet) is a daily drinker for me. If I order from tea forte again, this will be on the list of things to order.

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I’m loving this tea. The beautiful blend of mild vanilla and a hint of mint is just amazing. I will say, I wish I had read the reviews about it being high caffinated before drinking it so late. At any rate, I’ll work around it, and have a second brew of it when I get up in the morning. Really impressed by everything I’ve gotten from Butiki Teas thusfar. Good job!

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Let me first off say, Butiki teas as a whole is an awesome company. Everyone there was super nice regarding this order. So that, from the beginning put me in a good mood regarding this tea.

Now, this is one of the surprise samples in my order. I love banana, but I’ve never had banana tea, so of course it was moved to the top of my list.

Heated as the directions said 212, for 4 minutes.

The smell is mostly black tea with a hint of banana. Its really dark to look at, which is nice with how much roobios I’ve been sipping down lately.

The flavor, tastes JUST LIKE banana chips. The freeze dried ones that come in trail mix. I’m quite pleased with that, honestly. As I love the flavor but I’m not a fan of how hard they can be if their over preserved. This will be on my list of things to get more of eventually I beleive.

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drank Cherry by Love is Tea (LIT)
93 tasting notes

Drinking the last of this sample, and I can honestly say I think I like it better this time. Paired with Dark Chocolate covered Goji Berries, its amazing. Makes me want to try more Cherry teas. Its always been a favorite flavor of mine.

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I am always looking for more decaf because its an easy way to get myself sleepy earlier. This tea has an interesting scent in the bag. VERY ginger with a subtle waft of peach to it. I liked that if only for the uniqueness of it. Most ‘peach tea’ is so PEACH that you can’t think of anything else about it.

On drinking it, it tastes like black tea with a very faint apricot/peach flavor. I don’t get the ginger in liquid form at all. As someone who’s not an enormous fan of ginger thats actually a good thing. The smell of peach is there faintly as well, but its not strong enough to change the drinkablity.

I would get this again. Definitly drinkable.

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drank Raspberry Vanilla by Zen Tea
93 tasting notes

Starting to think that Roobios might just be something I try to stay away from. Not because the flavors aren’t good, but because they have an overwhelming flavor of mulch blended with all of them. Not to mention my strainers tend to let the small peices of roobios tea through and into my cup, which isn’t a terrible problem but it is a petty annoyance.

As for this tea, it took me til the second steep to be able to really enjoy any flavor. The woody ‘mulchy’ scent that I’ve complained about before was mostly overwhelming. Which was a shame because I love raspberry flavored anything. On the second cup it wasn’t a terrible tea, but not something I’d buy again.

On drinking this a second time, I enjoyed it far more. Still not a daily drinker but much more tolerable. Apparently I’ve discovered that the ‘mulch’ smell bothers me far more on certain days then on others, and as long as I find a good day, then Roobios is drinkable. Weird thing, but whatever, it just makes them for special days.

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So I made this in my tea tumbler for work, knowing that generally fruit teas do better over the day then anything black. I drank a cup through the day when it was still warm and then when I got home I drank the rest. The one at work, moderately okay with an awesome scent. The one when I got home was delicious. Legitamatly not sure if this was because of the work situation or because of the extra time in the water. This is the first true cranberry tea I’ve had that was looseleaf, and I’m amazingly impressed. Probably going to buy more if only for using while at work.

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Detroiter, tea drinker, fangirl pagan. Ask away.

Interested in trying any and all teas I haven’t tried. Variety is the spice of life and the bane of my existance. If I have the tea to trade, I’m more then willing to swap.

Loves : Flavored Blacks, Honeybushs, Roobios and Herbals
On the fence : Greens
Dislikes : Smokey teas or really grassy green teas. If I want to taste grass clippings I’ll eat guacomole, not drink something thanks.



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