218 Tasting Notes

drank Turkish Apple by T2
218 tasting notes

The other half has been having this iced quite a bit and is loving it. Very easy to do – just add the ‘tea’ to the bottom of a glass/mug. Pour in about 1/3 of a cup of boiling water to dissolve, then add ice. Stir and wait for it to melt a bit and enjoy! Its quite tasty iced, a bit less tart than the hot option. Will be enjoyable drinking this over summer.

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I got this as a sample with an order. A bit disappointing to be honest. A nice dose of hibiscus which acts as the tartness from the rhubarb, but not much else. Wasn’t getting anything berry or crumbly. For me the tartness would have been perfectly balanced if I’d had a stronger strawberry taste, but it was about all I got, so it was too strong. Was a bit sad to not be able to taste anything crumble-like, given my increasing fandom for DT’s cake teas.

Not for me, but thats fine, I have many other options!

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

Once again, hibiscus doing its evil thing! It seems that rhubarb is a hard flavour to achieve in tea!

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So I went for round two with this this morning at home. A much better result. A lovely soft black with berry tones in the back of my mouth. Quite enjoyable. Going to use the last of my sample to make an iced glass to see how the berries perform cold.

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Despite being in the process of narrowing my tea cupboard, I went and ordered more RHTB samples. Damn you RH peeps, your teas are just too tasty, I couldn’t stay away!

I opened this this morning when I was madly finishing making lunch to brew for travel in my Timolino. Holey moley this smells like a berry farm! No, more than that. More like the smell on your hands after spending a day in the sun picking fruit. Intense, lush and authentic. Smells just as amazing when brewing. In fact, after I’d discarded my leaves from the steeper, the other half asked if he could lick out the sink becasue it smells so good. Yes, he’s a bit odd, but THIS TEA SMELLS RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING!!!!!

And now for my morning disappointment – I uncapped my timolino just as a meeting started next to my desk (my desk sits in the middle of my workplace next to a meeting space, there’s no office for it), and someone came in from outside who was wearing strong, floral perfume. Bitchface. Seriously ruining my tea experience. But underneath, the black base is nice and hasn’t gone bitter, and the berries hit the back of my mouth. Just so disappointed my first cup of this got intereferred with. Will rate when I have a more accuracte sample.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec
The Rabbit Hole

Well, sounds like she’s off the Christmas card list hey! Glad you like the look and smell of it. 2 outta 3 ain’t bad to start with. Let’s hope the next time you taste it Miss “Eau eau de toilette” will be out of sight (and smell!).

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Another tasty fall sample! This one was creamy with a hint of spice. But it was definitely marshmallowy! I really liked it! Warm and comforting and creamy. Everything an autumnal tea should be. Definitely getting more of this for next year.

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I had a sample of this from an online order. It was quite tasty. I gave it a generous steep, around 6 mins with the whole sample. It tasted like banana nut bread, but I enjoyed it because it was in liquid form ( since getting into a wider variety of teas, I’ve discovered I like the taste of nuts, just, not the texture.). Quite a tasty tea really. The liquor was a very pale yellow, almost like a first 30s steep of a green tea, but I still got a bit of flavour in it. I think I’ll get a 50g bag and hold this for next autumn.

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I’ve now had 3 cups of this, and the other half has had a couple too. It’s so good! I think DavidsTea really gets cake teas (though I’ve only tried the black base ones). It’s sweet and tastes like red velvet cake! Really good. Not sure what else to say, just that I like it a lot!

I’ve been using boiling water, and steeps of around 4-4.5 mins.

205 °F / 96 °C

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This is really nice! I have two sample tins (one from the advent calendar, and one from the sweet indulgence kit)of this, and I can’t believe its taken me almost 12months to get around to trying it! Its really tasty, a lighter chai than black options. Its kinda the perfect amount of chai to go with the rooibos, just enough you taste the chai and not the strong rooibos taste that sometimes appears, but not so much it completely overpowers everything else. Yum!


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drank Oolong Chocolate Chai by T2
218 tasting notes

Had another one of these this morning with some leatherwood honey. Really yummy, the honey brought out the sweetness a lot more. I am enjoying this one.

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drank Oolong by Hampstead Tea
218 tasting notes

So my first crack at this one wasn’t overly scientific or well planned, but it was yummy!

I did 2 steeps of around 2mins 30secs each with 1.5 teaspoons of tea. Water was about 85oC. The colour was a caramelly amber for both steeps, slightly lighter on the first. A gorgeous colour!

The taste was soft and oolongy, with almost sweet notes. Really nice to drink. Absolutely no hints of astringency or an odd oolong aftertaste I’ve had elsewhere with teas like vanilla oolong or qhangzhou milk oolong from DavidsTea.

A very nice, easy to drink oolong.

2 min, 45 sec

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I remember getting my first cup of tea at about the age of 8. Just a standard run of the mill black, with some sugar and milk to make it palatable to an 8year old. But a love was born and I’ve never looked back!

I’ve always appreciated the quality of loose leaf, and thanks to the discovery of the fanatastic gadgets at DavidsTea while on holiday, the tea obsession has grown! Is it weird to be ordering tea and having it sent half way around the world?

I’d love to do some tea swaps with people to try new teas. I have a bit of a DavidsTea range for any Australians interested in trying some DT goodness minus international postage fees!

Ive just started working at The Art of Tea , a small Tasmanian company. They dont currently ship overseas, but im more than happy to arrange swaps with people. their full product listing can be found here: http://www.artoftea.com.au/. (December 2012).





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