And now, for the hot rating. I had this one at 100oC, Steeped for around5 minutes in a DT perfect mug to keep all the goodness in. A small dollop of honey was added. I’ve upped the rating for the hot tea.

So yesterday was the coldest day of the year thus far in SE Australia. Combined with my currently woefully insulated house, I spent the entire day blowing my nose. As in literally the entire day, I could get about a one minute break before needing another tissue. Not the way I’d intended spending Easter Monday. By about dinner time, I’d gotten so sick of the nose blowing I ended up taking some cold and flu tablets to stop the dribbling. By 10 pm I was actually able the get to sleep, which was a huge improvement (though I had that drug induced blocked dry nose. At least waking up very few hours for more water was better than not being able to sleep due to the runny nose). Anywho, by the time I woke up this morning the congestion had left my sinuses and move to my chest. Ick.

But then, my newly cleared head remembered the previously cold steeped Strawberry Ginger on my teashelf! Perhaps the ginger with a hit of strawberry and honey would be beneficial.

1st steep: the scent of the hot brew is fantastic! The tea smelled less tart than when iced, the strawberry and ginger were more prominent. The colour, just as when iced, is a deep magenta. The taste is much more a strawberry ginger blend rather than the tarter tea I tasted when iced. The strawberry and ginger are both easily identified, and are a tasty combination. The bit of honey I added made the tea extra tasty. I can feel the ginger doing lovely things to my throat. Very enjoyable.

2nd steep: a paler pink, and the ginger is more prominent in the smell and taste. Still very tasty.

Overall: I think I’ve enjoyed this one more hot than iced, and have upped the rating accordingly. Definitely worth a try hot for anyone wondering, and quite good on my sniffles!

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I remember getting my first cup of tea at about the age of 8. Just a standard run of the mill black, with some sugar and milk to make it palatable to an 8year old. But a love was born and I’ve never looked back!

I’ve always appreciated the quality of loose leaf, and thanks to the discovery of the fanatastic gadgets at DavidsTea while on holiday, the tea obsession has grown! Is it weird to be ordering tea and having it sent half way around the world?

I’d love to do some tea swaps with people to try new teas. I have a bit of a DavidsTea range for any Australians interested in trying some DT goodness minus international postage fees!

Ive just started working at The Art of Tea , a small Tasmanian company. They dont currently ship overseas, but im more than happy to arrange swaps with people. their full product listing can be found here: http://www.artoftea.com.au/. (December 2012).





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