218 Tasting Notes


For barre class again. Very yummy.

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drank Dragonwell by Teavana
218 tasting notes

Another from my swap with Michelle.

This is lovely! Almost… creamy? Kind of sweet and a very smooth, gentle nuttiness. No, not kind of sweet. There is a lovely sweetness in this, which becomes more obvious as the tea cools in my tea glass. A lovely first Dragonwell.

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 30 sec

Had a re-steep of this this morning when I got up. Still really lovely! Really enjoying this one. Oh dear, tired brain is kicking in, here’s a few more – this this this.


And infusion 3 over 24 hours and the worlds worst leaf preserving methods (sitting in my infuser in the open in the lounge all day). Still fantastic!

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From Michelle.

I made to for the other half while he was finishing making dinner. He took one sip and said “holey f*#+ this is awesome!”. A ringing endorsement methinks. Yet, he said a number based evaluation would have to wait until he’d had another cup. I think this is a ploy to drink it all on me! At least Michelle was very generous with her sample!

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

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Made a cup of this straight and hot to have with dinner. Yummo!

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From my swap with Azzrian.

This is only the second genmaicha I’ve tried, the first being T2’s offering. And this is so much better! I found the one from tea too was too, uhh, ricey? Or perhaps the rice was too toasted? Almost tasted a bit burned (definitely the rice not the green!). But this is divine! I’m really enjoying it! Currently having my second steep.

The liquor is a pale caramel, a bit darker than what I’d expect from the straight green, so obviously the rice is at play there. The laoshan green is just beautiful! With minimal care in the brewing ( just using the pre-set 80oC on by breville kettle and leaving for an un-timed 1.5 mins each brew) its lovely and soft and sweet. Just so tasty. And I’m unsure if its the rice or the green, but there is a lovely buttery texture to the tea too. The rice is very smooth, a great soft toasty flavour. The mix of the sweet and savory works so well in this tea. Beautiful.

I’m really enjoying this one, I didn’t think I’d actually like genmaicha after my initial attempt, so thankyou Verdant and Azzrian! I only expect my rating to improve with subsequent brews.

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 15 sec

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From my swap with Azzrian.

I had this one yesterday, just did two steeps of around a minute each. 2 to 5 seconds? Really? That doesn’t even give me time to put the kettle back on its base! (Our kitchen is small, I usually make tea on the dining room table next to all my tea shelves). But, when I have more time and patience I might have to give it a try.

My favourite part of this one so far? The oolong base. So smooth and creamy, not over powering or lost in the blend. Lovely and smooth. I actually didn’t get a chocolate taste ( though I must confess, as a bit of a chocoholic I really need it present before I’m impressed). The chai blend was a bit unusual for my taste. I guess I’m more used to traditional Indian blends so the herbs in this one threw me a bit. And they were quite soft, where I prefer my chais to have a bit of a kick in them. Though the spices and herbs were perfectly balanced with the oolong.

Verdict? I think I need to try this again, and be more patient and observant. Perhaps use the instructions on the bag! But an interesting cuppa. Rating to come later…

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Another from my swap with Michelle.

This one smells great dry. It’s a lovely smooth chocolate smell, and you can still get a hint of the black tea. I steeped it for about 4 mins, because I really like chocolate! and I figured it wouldn’t be so long the black would go bitter. And I was right – no bitterness in the black base, it was quite soft and smooth. The chocolate was also very smooth, and tasted a bit like a softer, milliner chocolate than something like The Art of Tea’s Chocolate Intensitea, which is a big hit of dark chocolate with a stronger black base.

Yes, I’d say this is a softer, subtler version of AoT’s chocolate. Its quite lovely. Not a full blown chocolate hit, but very lovely all the same. Thanks Michelle!

Oh, I added a little vanilla sugar (from Azz) which brought out the chocolate notes a bit more :). Milk was good too.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 15 sec

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Another from Azzrian…

So the smell of this dry, wet, and the taste is something I can’t quite put my finger on. Not almonds. Something like a lolly or a soda or maybe even cough syrup from when I was a kid. Weird. Odd. Confusing.

That is all for the moment.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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Irish breakfast tea and porridge on Australia Day. Yep, I’m waiting for the hordes to kick down the door, burn my birth certificate and kick me out. (Btw, if is happens I’ll pack my tea supplies and move to Ontario. Maybe NS, apparently Halifax is my home town Hobart’s doppelgänger.)

Anywho, this is a lovely breakfast tea! Or brunch, as its 10am. Flavorful without being too strong, soft and not even a little bitter. I went with the soft side of Michelle’s recommendation (around 3mins), so I’m looking forward to playing with steep times.

And just because its been one of those weeks, I’ve added a little of the vanilla sugar I got from*Azzrian* in my swap with her. Swap melding is cool. Just another lovely aspect of this cup! Adds a little sweetness, which soothes my soul if not my taste buds (though it does taste delightful!).

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Having this iced. Gave it a good 6 mins so the flavours came through when cold. And they do, so raspberry-ee, so coconutty. And the white tea has this comforting, oddly warming sensation even when iced.

Just stunning. If you’ve never tried this, ORDER NOW! Seriously, international shipping be damned, it’s just sooo good.

Miss Starfish

This sounds SUPER delish! Might have to place an order once there’s room in the cupboard. Do you have any other favourites from them that shouldn’t be missed?


Rabbit Hole does flavors exceedingly well, and they don’t skimp!


doesn’t look like they DO international shipping…unless i’m blind, which IS possible.


I haven’t yet had anything that wasn’t of exceptional quality, so I think you’d be pretty safe just picking a few randomly and going for it. And yes. It looks like its currently in Australia only, perhaps ill have to work something out with all of you… Definitely worth it.


I’ve sent some sampls of this to Michelle and azzrian late last year, and I think a few others have tried their teas, so hopefully when I eventually send a pack ofpver for a few more they’ll look into North American shipping.


that would be awesome!


They are just that good, I can’t let them keep their awesomeness just in my country. Remind me in March, got a few things going on at the moment but should be able to do something then. And think of an awesome American company that doesn’t ship internationally so we can swap (that’s right, not entirely selfless ;) ).


OH man, I’ve been dying to try this one too! It was on my shopping list as of the last time you logged it. (I’m sure I could go in with Sil on a swappy thing in the future… :D)


cough Canadian company :) or an american company that at least ships to canada haha


Absolutely! I’ll get you guys this exceptional quality local only tea, and I’m sure you’ll reciprocate!


For sure! Saves on shipping as well :)


And sorry about the nationality confusion, Canada is my favourite place, I did an exchange in Ottawa at the end of my degree.

Ok, will have to send a pack to Canada for you all then!


For sure… keep an eye out on anything you’d like to try/have us order and we can coordinate in March.

The Rabbit Hole

Thanks everyone for all the kind words about our teas. We are thrilled you’re enjoying them. We’ve recently launched a new website (where you can even leave a review of your tea) as well as two tea bars in cause you’re in Sydney and want to indulge your tea drinking pleasure. Hope to see you over there for a visit at www.therabbithole.com.au


it’s just sooo good. ope to see you over there for a visit at http://hotmailwiki.com/hotmail-login

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I remember getting my first cup of tea at about the age of 8. Just a standard run of the mill black, with some sugar and milk to make it palatable to an 8year old. But a love was born and I’ve never looked back!

I’ve always appreciated the quality of loose leaf, and thanks to the discovery of the fanatastic gadgets at DavidsTea while on holiday, the tea obsession has grown! Is it weird to be ordering tea and having it sent half way around the world?

I’d love to do some tea swaps with people to try new teas. I have a bit of a DavidsTea range for any Australians interested in trying some DT goodness minus international postage fees!

Ive just started working at The Art of Tea , a small Tasmanian company. They dont currently ship overseas, but im more than happy to arrange swaps with people. their full product listing can be found here: http://www.artoftea.com.au/. (December 2012).





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