Almond flavored green tea Matcha is now my favorite drink. When I received my Almond Matcha in the mail I was so excited, I mixed up a glass right then. I mixed one tablespoon of Matcha in hot water, added ice, then filled the rest of the glass with soy milk. This was so delicious that I drank the whole package in three days. While I was drinking my last glass of Matcha I went online, and ordered more. With my order of almond flavored Matcha I discovered many other tasty sounding flavors. I ended up ordering six additional flavors. The flavors that I ordered included: Almond, Caramel, Blueberry, Cotton Candy, Peanut Butter Pie, Raspberry, and English Toffee. Red leaf tea has many options to choose from as well. There are three different grades of Matcha you can choose to purchase. There are also four different intensities of flavor you can choose from. On top of that you can even select Organic if you wish. They also offer Red, White, Black or a mixed combo Matcha tea selection. I have yet to try any other Matcha besides the green tea Matcha. I ordered the classic grade, and delicate flavor, because that is what I got with my first order of almond Matcha. The flavor was a perfect balance of tea and flavor. You could taste the sweet Matcha, and still have the almond shine through. I’m so glad I tried it, and you can try it too here:


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