drank Four Seasons by Samovar
59 tasting notes

Ok, I got a sample of this after reading some of the reviews. All cups were at just below a boil.
My first cup (2 minutes) really does smell buttery and so amazing.
Prior to pouring, the leaf gave off a sent that reminded me a bit of spinach. Not what I was expecting this post pour scent though is amazing and I have no idea where it came from.
Very smooth texture. I didn’t even know tea could have a texture…
The taste on this first one is lighter then expected. There is a veggie like after taste.
As I drink, I note the beginning of the sip does have a butter quality but not intense. It is followed with a flowery taste.
This is a very soothing, soft cup, especially compared with what I normally drink.
I held the tea in my mouth for a few seconds and when I swallowed there was another flavor, though I can’t name it.

Cup 2: (3 minutes) Similar scent. It’s still flowery but not in the same why other teas I’ve had are. The leaves are really quite pretty. It is refreshing to be drinking something so clearly natural.

Cup 3: (4 minutes) I agree with previous posters that this cup does have a greener taste. Still good though. The scent is still buttery with a hint of flower. This may be a good tea for hosting. It seems very friendly and makes so many cups that it will keep the party going.

Cup 4: (5 minutes) The scent of this cup is much weaker then the previous cups. There is still something soothing about it though. I’ll admit too that I did put a bit too much water in the pot this time. I’m using a pot designed for two cups so I’m guessing each time. Definitely a greener taste here. The buttery is clearly disappearing. There is an end note that I can’t describe exactly but it’s starchy. I would love to be sitting out in a beautiful garden while drinking this. Stupid city.

Cup 5: (6 minutes) I’m getting the steamed green bean element now being mixed with the same underlying “green” taste that has been there from the beginning. The butter is pretty much gone in both smell and taste. The taste and smell are a bit mellower then the previous cup.

Cup 6: (7 minutes) This will be my last. The flavor is dimming and honestly, I’m getting a bit tired of tea. I’ve never had this much straight through before. And as for tea’s effect in weight lose, it might be that now, so close to dinner, I’m full from the tea. So, this time, I’m getting a little of what people were calling the bread taste. It’s pretty weak though. I love bread so I’d love to be able to get this flavor stronger. Otherwise, this tea is now starting to remind me more of green tea.

Well, this is the longest tea journey I’ve had. Will I buy a larger volume in the future? Probably, although not right now. This is also my first Oolong tea so I’m going to want to try some others as well to make sure I find the right one for me.

205 °F / 96 °C

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I’m a Christian family medicine doctor, a wife, and a mother.

I enjoy tea obviously. Time is often limited to enjoy it.

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I absolutely fell in love with the UK when I traveled over there and can’t wait to go back.


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