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This is the second white tea I have tried, and although it rates number two out of two, it’s still a really good light tea. The young lady at Teavana ranted about its health benefits and convinced me to purchase it instead of the Silver Needle I went there to get. I wasn’t easily convinced since it was fairly expensive, but I eventually gave in.

The tea leaves are wrapped into small balls and just look incredible. After the first steep, the tea is a very light yellow and if you look close you can see small white hairs floating inside. I am not exactly sure what they are, but I have seen them in other white teas. I am pretty sure they are supposed to be there.

Similar to the color, the taste of this tea is extremely light too. Because it is so light I find it hard to describe. If forced to, I would say a slight splash (maybe a drop) of lemon. I have to admit that after paying so much for this tea, I wish the taste was stronger than the water I steeped it in. Maybe I am paying for all the magical little white hairs. If you like the taste of warm water, this tea’s for you.

I was told that this tea had virtually no caffeine (1%) and could be considered decaffeinated. The night I purchased it, I had a few glasses before bed, and was up until 2am.

Although it might not be clear from the tone of this review, I do like this tea. It’s a perfect early evening, healthy, relaxing, and light tea.

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The white hairs are called Downy hairs. They’re the reason white tea is called white, because the baby tea bud has them (but only for about 2 days of the year, which is why white tea is expensive)

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drank Matcha by Gala Tea
2 tasting notes

This was my first taste of Matcha. I probably should have tested a tea shop’s preparation first so I knew what it was supposed to taste like. But I followed all the directions as closely as possible. I sifted it with my tea pot strainer to remove the clumps, I used the proper water temperature (175 degrees), and the right proportions (1 teaspoon to 3 oz water), and I whisked it in a bowl with a bamboo whisk (which was more expensive than the tea).

The color of this tea is great, it just looks healthy. I would consider the taste to be a grassy with a grainy (powdered) dirt like taste. Some might call it earthy. After my first taste I added milk and sugar and finished the cup. The caffeine level seemed light, but since I drank it first thing in the morning, it might have only taken me to awake.

I need to keep experimenting with my mix and preparation, but overall it was enjoyable. I did make a cup of Oolong after, which I enjoyed much more.

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