This is powerful stuff. As best I could I brewed it as per the directions – I don’t know any Japanese but from looking at the little pictograms and comparing them with pictograms on other packets that also had some English text, I deduced that I should be brewing about a tablespoon of leaf in 50ml of water at 60C, for about 2 minutes. I don’t have any teapots that small… An excuse to buy one perhaps..? … Anyway, so I brewed 2 tbls in 100ml water in a small drinking glass, figuring that it would be okay at the low temperature specified.

Result was about 75ml of the most radioactive looking tea you ever saw… Godzilla drinks this stuff, I’m positive. It’s a cloudy, lurid green. As for the taste, it’s strong and bitter at first, really quite a slap in the face; swallow and you’re rewarded with the most astonishing sweetness in the aftertaste. Quite addictive. Don’t drink it on an empty stomach though; it’s much too strong without something to buffer it.

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