Ridiculously cheap tea at the Middle Eastern grocer- I got 400 g for $7
Cardamom blends well with the tea flavor, no hints of bitterness. Tasted just as great on a second steep as well, the cardamom was a little stronger actually.
Smooth, drinkable, a great everyday tea.
i realized the other day that I had all the spices to make my own Chai tea, so I’ve been using this tea to that end. My best blend so far is orange peel, star anise, cinnamon, all spice, ginger, black pepper and a little extra cardamom. I know all spice isn’t a traditional ingredient but I don’t have cloves and it seemed to work fine. The orange peel is a very nice extra touch.
Rating this tea extra high because it’s such an insanely good value if you can find the giant box of it at the Middle Eastern grocer (they also usually have giant tubs of Ahmad Earl Grey too! It’s a favorite of me ma’s)

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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Alton Brown’s Good Eats tea episode was my awakening
Prior to that I was a very casual tea drinker (a coffee love, really), drinking a Sleepytime or berry-flavored black tea from a tea bag when the inclination struck. That episode helped me get a grip on the basics of tea (like..what’s an oolong?) and inspired me to start buying loose teas. First loose leaf buy/love affair: Twinings Earl Grey. I love experiencing the depth and variety of beers (faves are coffee stouts, hefeweizens and a citrusy IPA) but an unabashed love of beer has its downsides. It’s so exciting to discover a world with seemingly unlimited depth and variety without the negative side effects (as long as I switch to herbal before nightime). And it satisfies my oral/hand fixation!

Along other taste avenues, I’m currently exploring the vast array of delicious Vietnamese food we have here in San Diego. You can also find me wandering the aisles of the many asian grocery stores, usually with a basket overflowing in exotic greens.

Other hobbies include taking closeup pictures of plants, especially weeds, and reading too much about things unrelated to the advancement of my career.


San Diego

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