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but quick ol tea from two days ago bc this tea is fab :)

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Not the biggest fan of Teavana, but I am a pretty big fan of this tea!
My friend works at Teavana and she decided to get me this tea and a super cute mug from there for Christams! I haven’t seen her in nearly 2 years, but I still love her tons <33

Anyway, this tea is fab. It tastes like a black tea, and looks like a pretty dark tea as well, however, the flavours are so well balanced. It tastes like a subtle black tea! It is just an overall super nice tea to drink on a cold winter day.

((and yes, it has surprisingly been pretty cold here in Southern California! And by cold I mean 44* F which I think is 6*C. [well, that’s what Snapchat says hahaha]))


You know it is a deep and great friendship when you can go long periods of time without seeing each other, and then pick up like you saw each other just yesterday!

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drank Golden Honey Dew by Lupicia
682 tasting notes

Wam bam fab tea is fab.

This tea is my baby okay.

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I wanna say I got this from TeaNTees?? I usually write who I got the tea from on the bag but it’s upstairs and I’m lazy hahah

But this is a nice cuppa! It smells exactly like it tastes (I think that’s a plus to tea bags). I’m bias with tea and very rarely do I drink bagged tea, but this one is actually pretty good! You do get some on the melon flavour, but it’s definitely not a delicate white tea. There’s a bit of weight to it. I know I know, I’m probably just prejiduce against bagged teas, but I think it’s because it’s just hard for bagged tea to develop a lighter flavour.

But still, a pretty good tea! If I were to go out and buy a bagged tea, I might reach for this one :)

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Wam bam another sipdown!
Got this from Shmiracles from our first? Second tea swap? Sometime last year haha. Old tea but good tea!

I know I oversteeped it by a ton bc it turned out insanely bitter that no amount of milk and sugar could fix D: Ahh that’s what I get drinking in a wee 2oz cup

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I’m calling today as Sipdown Wednesday because I have absolutely NOTHING to do except clean my room. So I brought my kettle up to my room and I’m picking all my teeny teas (like 3g or less) and just drinking them all day long :)

I got this from the Marco Polo TTB! Because I’m drinking such little tea leaves, I’ve decided to use the super cute tea cup that I got from the LA Tea Festival! And I threw my Perfect Infuser from DAVIDs for easy clean-up :)


Lovely creamy yet floral perfumy aroma as it steeps!
Tastes just as it smells. I think I actually like this without any additions! Perfectly balanced and creamy earl grey. A nice creamy earl grey is hard to find. Four for you Persimmon Tea Co. You go Persimmon Tea Co.

Flavors: Cream, Floral, Perfume

200 °F / 93 °C 1 min, 30 sec 2 g 3 OZ / 88 ML

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I forgot if this was from a tea box or if this was from a swap, but either way, I got this from Sil!

I have too much tea and I’m going to drink as much as I can bc I need to get rid of them all.

- Smells like a subtle and light black tea with more hits of coco and vanilla.
- Tastes like black tea. Nothing too special. The vanilla and chocolate aroma was lost

With milk and sugar, that helps the bitterness of the tea. Love the creaminess and I think the vanilla is coming back :)

Cries bc I’m just about to take my last final of undergrad. Beer final, here I come!

Flavors: Vanilla

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 5 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

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drank Milk Oolong by Rosali Tea
682 tasting notes

This was the first tea that I had at the LA International Tea Festival and I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Rosa Li! She was so passionate about her teas and I am so happy that she got backed on Kickstarter :))

While speaking with her, I found out that this was her best seller, and after my first taste, I realized why! It is so smooth, complex, yet a very well balanced tea. Slight notes of butter since it slides on the tongue, bc of the creaminess of the tea. I ended up purchasing a 3oz tin of this tea and I am SO happy I got it!

Flavors: Butter, Cream, Milk

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drank matcha LOVE Sweetened by Ito En
682 tasting notes

Okay so I totally went to the LA International Tea Festival today and IT WAS FANTASTIC OH MY GOSH.
I went with a couple friends who enjoyed tea, and they knew I liked tea, but I think today was the day they realized that I freakin loved tea.

Anyway, I had a TON of tea today and I want to write about all the teas that I had, but I forgot to write down the names/tasting notes for all of them D: The only one that I remember was this one.

Just a super simple sweetened canned matcha drink. Like an energy drink for matcha lovers :) It definitely can’t replace real matcha, but this is just a super easy way to drink it AND it was only a dollar each so I was okay with that (I bought 5 hehe)

I had tons of fun at the festival and my friends and I even saw a Japanese Tea Ceremony (and I saw my manager at the theater it was held in as well???).
We walked around places, I was talking to a bunch of the vendors about tea and it was so nice talking to their travels. I ALSO MET //THE// ROSA LI FROM ROSALI TEA. And freakin Alex Harney was there and I talked to him as well. SO MANY PEOPLE I NEARLY DIED.

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drank Butterfly Jasmine by DAVIDsTEA
682 tasting notes

Oh my gosh what is this, I’m losing my touch. I forgot how to brew tea DDD:

I haven’t had tea in nearly 3 months?? I’ve been moving from one place to another and all my kitchen and tea stuff has been all over the place and I lost my kettle for a while.. but I wanna get back into tea becauseeee I’M GOING TO THE LA INTERNATIONAL TEA FESTIVAL THIS WEEKEND AHHH. I’m so excited! I think I might go to the two Japanese classes bc why not. But the Darjeeling class is at the same time as the Green Tea class D:

But anyway TEA THINGS. I forgot how to brew tea and forgot what my favourite way to brew this tea D: I did 4g into a wee small mug, but I think I let my water sit out for too long bc it wasn’t strong enough for me. Ahh well, a second steeping with hotter water should do the trick :)

I got Lead in my location at Disneyland which is FAB. Don’t know if I posted that on here??
Uhh tomorrow is my last day of undergrad BC I’M FREAKIN GRADUATING THIS WEEK. Tomorrow is my last day in class, and I just have 1.5 tests to take by next week, but I might just take it early just to get it over with. I’m expecting 3 A’s and 1 B this quarter which isn’t too bad :)
Now that I’ll be done with school, all I have to worry about is work. And don’t worry, I have plans to do (hopefully) fantastic things in life, however, the programs that I want to participate in don’t start till summer of next year so I have to wait. Meanwhile, I think I might study to take the Level 1 (and 2??) Somm test next year. I’m going to buy all the wine textbooks and work my way up to being a Wine master. And possibly a Beer and Tea Master as well… I have the most fastastic urls saved on tumblr and I think that might be my diary of all things Wine/Beer/Tea Master learning stuff.

Flavors: Floral, Jasmine

160 °F / 71 °C 8 min or more 4 g 10 OZ / 295 ML

Congrats on your graduation!




Ahh thank you guys so much!! :))

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Tea lover.
Food and Beverage lover (food, wine, beer, TEA)
DCP Alumni (WDW Fall 2013 and DLR Fall 2014)
Future management intern, WDW Fall 2016
(jump62359 is my everything okay)

Teas in my cupboard are in my personal collection.
I’m always looking forward to reducing my stash so let me know if you wanna swap :)
Likes/dislikes here:

Tea rating guide:
100-95: Best thing to ever touch my mouth and I want more. Restocking is a must
94-80: Love this tea. Restock if I can
79-70: Decent tea. Neither love nor hate.
69-60: I won’t be upset when it runs out. I’ll drink it but won’t restock.
59-30: I’ve done whatever I can to like this tea and I’ll finish the cup.
29-10: I’ve done whatever I can to like this tea. It may or may not have gone down the sink…
9-below: Let’s not even hide it. This definitely went down the drain.

I love tea.
I drink it.
I log it.
I have a good time.
Lather, rinse, repeat.

I first discovered my love for tea with jasmine teas because that’s all my mother would buy, so for the longest time, I thought that all teas were jasmine! And then in 4th grade, I watched the tea episode of Good Eats and that’s when the education started! I’d like to blame Alton Brown for starting this obsession because now I only like loose leaf tea.
It wasn’t until my second year of college that I actually expanded my tea taste buds. Special shout out to Cara McGee, Tea Queen for her Adagio Fandom blends. Because of Cara, I actually started drinking blacks, herbals and whites and pretty much everything else in between. I still have a special love for my jasmine though :)
I (try to) drink tea daily. Usually just straight up, no sugar or milk. This little obsession started young and just… kept going, I guess.

also I apologize in advance for lazy tasting notes and horrible grammar in everything I write. I was an avid fandom blogger on tumblr and tumblr talk can get in the way of everything kthxbai


Disneyland. Literally.



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