I tend toward black tea, but have been known to try any tea once and I love coconut, so I thought this was a match made in heaven. I absolutely disliked this tea so much. It tastes like malibu rum tea. I tried putting less or more tea in, higher and lower temperatures and longer and shorter steeping times and nothing seemed to work. The closest I got to drinkable was by doubling amount of tea and adding some assam for more tea flavor. It just tastes like an herbal chai and the coconut overwhelms. I wanted it to have more cinnamon and star anise and have more tea flavor.

I think I finally have a handle on why I don’t like this one. It doesn’t have enough tea flavor and what tea flavor there is tastes bitter. The three spices that predominate, I don’t like in my teas (ginger, black pepper and licorice). The coconut tastes very fake and artificial. Even cream and sugar doesn’t seem to help this one. I vow to never make it again . . . yuck! It embodies the unholy trinity of all that I hate in a bad tea: bitter low quality tea, fake fruit/spice flavor added, unbalanced sip where the flavors instead of slowly blooming on your palate are like a heat seeking missile of awful taste.

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I started drinking coffee at the age of 12, but I have recently found that the coffee I always enjoyed gives me headaches. Luckily I have no such issues with tea. I have just begun to discover the joys of a good cup of tea and figuring out what I like and don’t. So far I prefer black tea either Fujian, Keemun, Assam or Darjeeling that are fruit forward with a wisp of acidity or smokiness. I occasionally will drink green, jasmine or a bold white, but typically just to change things up. I hate fake fruit flavors, bitter tea or blah tea with no punch.

I live in the desert southwest, so in the hot summer afternoons you’ll likely find me iced tea in hand with a slice of lemon and sprig of mint. I also am a semi-foodie who enjoys a sharp sauvignon blanc, a jammy zinfandel or a dirty martini with the stinkiest cheese possible.

I am science nerd librarian with a love of fantasy books and astronomy. I am slowly writing a novel and dream of becoming a real writer and escaping the stacks.





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