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Ah just my kind of oolong. It needs a lot of leaves and very hot water to express itself.
6g/110ml teapot. 35"/30"/45"/1’00/1’30/2’00/3’00
Awesome smell, awesome taste : flowery with a hint of lemon or acid fruit at the end. The taste lingers in the throat after drinking.
Definitely one of my favourite, a great Gao Shan Cha.

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec

I got this tea again after a long time and was searching for steeping instructions. Was happy to find your tasting note because your steep times are on point!

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I’m not into black tea (especially when named black instead of red) and even less into indian black tea, but I’ve got a little sample of this from the shop.
Checking the price of this tea and knowing the bad quality of the chinese tea from le palais des thes around this price range I expected the worse …

I made it Gong Fu style of course :-) so that if it’s bad, it’s gonna be undrinkable, what is life without risks huh ?
The leafs seemed small, so I used a zhong to filter those correctly (measured risks).

Boiling water, 3+gr, 1’00, 1’00, 2’00, 3’00 … I even tried 5’00, risks baby, risks.
The scent in the zhong is very nice, flower/chocolate. Hey, it’s actually good, who would have thought. The taste is great, it doesn’t linger in the throat or give any complexity but at least no off taste.

It’s not a great tea, but in this price range it’s a very interesting bargain for an everyday red tea. The last brewing, although weak, had still a slight malty taste – 5 brews, more than fair.

Boiling 1 min, 0 sec

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I’ve taken 6gr, 6 brewings:
35’’, 30’’, 45’’, 1’, 1’30, 3’

The water has to be really hot, otherwise the tea stays completely blank with no taste.
Although the scent in the aroma cup was very weak, the taste is good. At first it seemed very weak, and then developed a flowery/fruity taste in the throat. It’s not the best Ben Shan oolong I’ve tried (too weak for my taste) but at this price it’s very interesting.

I’ve also tried to brew it in a big teapot (sometimes with weak tea it’s better to have everything in the same cup :-) : it’s great for an everyday tea.

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec

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One of the best Bi Luo Chun I had.
The tea has a strong taste with a slight hint of smokiness, without being overwhelming.
This tea is very forgiving on water temperature and brewing time, and gives good results no matter what.
My best results were with: 4g/3’, 2’, 2’, 5’, 5’.

Boiling 3 min, 15 sec

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It’s very hard to find a good winter Tie Guan Yin. This one has the same problem as the others : it doesn’t last.
The scent and taste are ok, although a bit weak.
Even with a lot of leaves and when changing the brewing time, it’s hard to have a strong taste passing the 4th infusion.

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec

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I ordered this pack from Dragon Tea House on ebay.
5 days for the delivery from China, faster than delivery from my own country ? In August ? For Free ? Do they teleport things already ?

Overall I grade this a 100 : this assortment is awesome to discover different type of Pu-erh and know which kind you like at a very low price, even if flavoured Pu-erh is not “real” Pu-erh :).

- Lavender (65) : Err, I started with the oddest one. The scent is really nice. The two first brews are ok. Then, the lavender taste fade away and only remains the taste of a so-so pu-erh. No off-taste though.

- Jasmine Black (85) : Really nice. The jasmine is present in all brews and the pu-erh is there too, although a bit weak.

- Jasmine Raw (60): The taste and smell was quite weak. I tried longer brewing times but the Jasmine was really better.

- Sticky Rice Raw (60) : It really has the taste of rice, odd experience overall. The pu-erh was absent, shadowed by the strong rice taste and scent. At least it gave a lot of brews.

- Sticky Rice Ripe (65) : the taste of rice is very similar to the raw, except you also have the taste of the pu-erh with it. It still an odd experience though. Lot of brews too.

- Lotus Leaf Raw (50) : The raw pu-erh is ok. The lotus taste was nice and strong but present only in the first brewing.

- Lotus Leaf Ripe (50) : Same flavor, same problem, the ripe pu-erh was ok but the lotus flavor was only there in the first two brews.

- Chrysanthemum (90) : This one was really great, it held for a lot of brewing and the chrysanthemum taste stayed all along. The young pu-erh was ok

- Sanchi Flower (90) : One of the best IMHO. I didn’t now what the sanchi flower tastes like, it’s good. The taste wasn’t strong at first and lingered in the throat, it stayed during the brews. The flavour was greatly balanced with the pu-erh. The pu-erh seemed to be the same: a bit weak, but here it goes well with the flower.

- Coffee (50) : it has a slight taste of (bad) coffee which disappear at the 3rd brewing. Not really far from the same pu-erh without coffee in it.

- Rose (65) : At first it was nice, pretty much like the rose flavoured tea you can find in a lot of tea shops with a slight hint of pu-erh. Quickly the rose fade away (3rd brew).

- Assorted Flower (70) : Basically, it tastes like the rose flavored one except the taste stay until the fifth brew. I couldn’t identify what flower were inside.

- Special Brick (70): This one was a classic ripe pu-erh. Not spectacular but no off-taste, a little bit stronger than the others.

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec

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Very nice milky Oolong, the taste and scent is strong and it doesn’t need a lot of leaf to give a strong and mellow taste in the mouth.
No off taste in the last brewings.
Definitely one of my favorite milky oolong.

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec

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Average Bi Luo Chun. The taste is really weak even when increasing the leafs quantity or increasing water temperature.
Good point, it’s not bitter at all.
I’ve ordered it in november, so maybe it’s the winter recolt (it’s not written on the pack, too bad).

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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I’ve got nothing to say about his tea beside the obvious : it’s quite good :-)

This review is actually to describe the awesome moment I had in Singapore when buying it. I entered this shop and started to browse through the items. The owner came and we started to talk about chinese tea and how he actually have been in my country.
Then he said : “A friend of mine is coming to have tea with me, sit down with us”. He took some nice old Pu-Erh and here we were there drinking tea like old friends. We didn’t know each other, actually his friend only speak chinese and I don’t speak a word of chinese but there’s something I understand quite well : after the first cup, he tapped on the table with his two fingers and here we all agreed, despite the distance, the different cultures, age and language enjoying the same tea.

The same thing happened to me multiple times in other countries. So thanks to all the people willing to share their time, tea and experiences.
I hope the people reading this will all live through similar experiences because this is what tea is all about : sharing.

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec

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