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Thank you yappychappy!! I love the smell of this one. Like lemons and cream :] I am really in the mood for something sweet and this was perfect. It’s so smooth and creamy. I feel like I’m drinking a lemon cookie. YUMMMMMMM


This tea is the best, probably my favorite rooibos so far :)


I like the Lemon Lime Cream Tart :] But I like this one becuase it tastes like cookies :P


I have some of that on its way to me along with the lime chiffon too hehe so I will compare them all :D I will probably love them all and not know what ones to re-order though haha


I LOVE this stuff! Glad you did too!

Lariel of Lórien

I know, wish I had more.

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drank Blueberry Zabaglione by 52teas
882 tasting notes

Just finished the last of my sample off! It was nice. Thanks again Momo!

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I received a sample of this from someone. I don’t remember who because it just got mixed in with all of the other samples D: So thank you to whoever sent me this!!
The aroma is nice. I’ll admit I kind of like the rooibos and black tea together. The rooibos gives it that baked kind of flavor. To me all of the flavors kind of blend together. Not really impressed with this tea.. I just like it. It’s an ok tea.

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Not much to say… All I can taste is chamomile and hibiscus. And little bits of chamomile is all I see in my tea bag :\ Maybe I’ll just use it as an iced tea. It’s just.. meh..

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I like this tea because when I forget about it, it doesn’t go bitter. The flavors are pretty decent for a bagged tea. Malty, dark chocolatey, sweet, rich. This is a tea I will ALWAYS have in my cupboard. It’s great when I don’t have much time or I’m feeling lazy and want something tasty.

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drank Calm by Tazo
882 tasting notes

The flavor of this is a bit weak for me. Mostly chamomile and spearmint. Kind of a light fruity flavor. It’s enjoyable but not something I’ll ever buy again.

Terri HarpLady

When I drink it, I use 2 bags :)


I’ll have to try it :] I was using a small cup so I thought I’d be ok. Guess not :\

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drank Passion by Tazo
882 tasting notes

Still trying to drink all of my bagged tea! My kitchen cupboard is overflowing with boxes of them D: I haven’t had this one so I thought I’d give it a shot. The aroma is very, very pleasant. I was afraid of the flavor because of hibiscus. It most always ruins hot beverages for me… But it’s actually quite pleasant as well. Not as tart as I thought it would be. It’s sweet and juicy. A little tart but it fits.

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Mmm this hit the spot! Yum :]

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drank Lady Grey by Twinings
882 tasting notes

I have been sent SO much of this tea in swaps so I thought I’d actually try one tonight. Today has been a bagged tea kind of day. I feel lazy :[
Anyways… The aroma of this tea is actually pretty nice. Smokey citrus is all that comes to mind. The flavor is fresh orange. Not bad for a bagged tea. I actually quite enjoyed it.

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Got my order from Teavivre today :D And I received this as one of my samples. I have tried this one before but it was when I was first exploring the wonderful world of pu-erh. So hopefully I’ll like this one a bit more then the last time. I’ve been playing around with my gaiwan today and thought I’d do multiple steeps for this tea. So here it goes!
10s rinse
1st at 10s:
The flavor is light but it’s good. It’s woodsy and sweet. There is a bit of a smokey flavor to it.
2nd at 10s:
The liquor is certainly darker. The aroma is strong and very earthy. The flavor kind of reminds me of a cigar. It’s musky, earthy, and a bit smokey.
3rd at 10s:
The liquor is a dark, velvety brown now. The aroma has lightened but it’s still pretty earthy. It’s turned very smokey and musky. There is a bit of a sweet, floral note coming through, though.
4th at 15s:
The liquor is starting to lighten up a little bit. The aroma is earthy and sweet. The flavor is earthy and has a bit of a floral\sweet note to it. This is actually my favorite so far.
5th at 20s:
This steep is mellow and quite enjoyable. The aroma is sweet and earthy. Much lighter than the last two. The flavor is sweet and earthy. A tiny, tiny bit of floral comes through.
6th at 30s:
This one is much like the first. It’s light. It has more of the earthiness to it but still has that sweet note to it.

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I first got into tea about 5 years ago. Recently I’ve been so busy with school I’ve had no time to keep up! But now life has slowed down I can jump back into one of my favorite hobbies :3 My favorites are buttery oolongs and puerhs.
I have two cats (Foofy and Mozzy) and one puppy (Atticus). I love reading, writing, and playing outside.


Salt Lake CIty, Utah

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