drank Sencha by Teavana
10 tasting notes

I really, really wanted to like this. I like green tea with mint. I like green tea with lemon. I like iced green tea. I like green tea lattes. I wanted to like this. It would’ve been like loving garlic bread and then learning you can roast garlic and eat it alone. (Which I’ve done, by the way. Please do it if you like garlic. Chop off the tip of the head, sprinkle some salt, pepper and lots of olive oil, throw it in the oven for like 50 minutes. Once it’s out, coat the little cloves in parmesan cheese. Be sure to bring mint come for the after affects.)

I did really want to like this. Maybe I’m just doing it wrong. Maybe I got a bad batch. Please, Steepster, help me if I’ve gone wrong.

When I opened my bag of sencha, I was assaulted by a sickeningly sweet smell mingled with plastic. I hoped it was just because of the container and poured the contents into a tin. After a couple days, I finally worked up the nerve to sniff at it. Nope. Still sickly sweet. So I thought maybe it’ll steep out. I wanted to like it. I tried.

I steeped it for Teavana’s suggested time. Oh dear. The liquid was a beautiful greenish beige tinged color. It was so nice to look at compared to my usual blacks. But it wasn’t good, folks. Not for me, at least. It was incredibly sweet in an incredibly bad way. On top of that, it was vegetal (as I was expecting). What came to mind was sugar coated spinach. I like sugar. I like spinach. But not in combination, please. Oh dear. Ugh. It just was not good. It wasn’t horrifyingly bad, but it wasn’t good.

If I’m doing this all wrong, please tell me. I have 2 oz of this stuff sitting in my cupboard. If I can’t find a way to make peace with it, I might end up turning it into mint iced tea with my peppermint tea. We’ll see.

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