237 Tasting Notes

drank The Earl's Garden by DAVIDsTEA
237 tasting notes

I’ve been super impressed with DT’s black teas…they are so good and sexy and take classic recipes and make them memorable Cream of Earl Grey and English Rose are just two examples of this fantastic trend that I couldn’t be happier about!

This tea just smells so amazing..like Earl Grey kicked up to 11.
The Bergamot is super heavy and the fruit bits of strawberry and the blue cornflowers make it come alive and I just want to drown in it..

I’m already totally head over heels and I haven’t even drunk it yet.

Being as super familiar with DT’s black teas as I am I made sure to only put in a shallow teaspoon..but kept the 5 minute steep time so we’ll see!
Hopefully the bitterness will not take over..sometimes it takes a lot of fussing to get it just right but it’s worth it.

Once brewed the smell of berries take over completely so I hope this doesn’t overwhelm the Earl Grey profile too much but damn it still smells good.(I do love my fruit!)

First taste and it is refreshingly and surprisingly light with a fruity taste..doesn’t have the full Grey profile but it has the Bergamot kick.
I think it would make a lovely iced tea…no Salted Caramel but not EVERY tea can be perfect.

This is a lovely light black tea.I do not love it as much as Cream of Earl Grey but it’s yummy and is a Earl Grey..wish it was a little more heavy but
I think this tea will grow on me.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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Always excited as I am for herbal fruity teas I was stoked to buy this sweet extremely fruity (fruit roll-up even)smelling tea that borders a little on the obscene.

You can smell the raspberries and the hibiscus is undetectable so that makes me very very happy.It also does not smell overwhelmingly of the Stevia or Rooibos mentioned in the ingredients and so I hope nothing takes away from the promise of another amazing fruity tea from DT.

Since it’s a fruit herbal tea and not a fussy black tea or other stimulating DT tea that can become bitter with a pinch of ANYTHING too much I prepared a HEAPING 1.5 tsp and brewed for a full 7 minutes.

Pouring it out it looks like juice..a nice thick syrupy juice..my mouth is totally watering.Unfortunately now the Hibiscus has made it’s presence known..so here’s hoping it doesn’t turn into another Pink Flamingo.

First taste and it’s very juice-like..not too Hibiscus-y but enough to make me not fall in love.Pleasantly sweet and you can definitely pick out the other flavors of raspberries and best of all..it’s NOT Pink Flamingo.

It’s a perfectly decent fruit tea and would make nice iced tea but it’s not fabulous or awesome..it’s just pleasant and there’s so many other fruit teas that I am head over heels for that it’s just not an investment I’ll make again unless it magically grows on me.
Anything can happen..but for now..
It’s a perfectly decent fruity tea.

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

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drank Luscious Watermelon by DAVIDsTEA
237 tasting notes

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drank Glitter & Gold by DAVIDsTEA
237 tasting notes

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drank English Rose by DAVIDsTEA
237 tasting notes

Ever since DT introduced me to All The Raj I’ve loved rose floral scents and flavors in my tea…

English Rose is one of DT’s new black teas and it makes my mouth water just smelling it.The Rose makes up the majority of the aroma and that’s fine with me..but it’s backbone is entirely black tea with a whisper of chocolate.

Once brewed it takes on a gold color and doesn’t seem to smell as lovely as before preparation still rosy but much heavier.

First taste and I’m enchanted.I love the rose and the bit of chocolate..it’s a splendid tea that tastes like it should be a classic tea like any earl grey or Orange Pekoe..an everyday tea.

It’s still a tad bitter but I think with a slight adjustment and a shorter brew time it might just be perfect.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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drank English Rose by DAVIDsTEA
237 tasting notes

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drank Salted Caramel by DAVIDsTEA
237 tasting notes

BEST iced tea I’ve EVER had…perfect unsweetened refreshing and spectacular..Iced Tea for the discerning and beginner tea drinker…

just perfect…
Another big Plus didn’t make a big batch of iced tea just filled a glass with ice and then poured in the brewed tea and it tasted just as perfect as when I got that orgasmic sample from the store..

In love…again

Haven’t tried it hot yet..that will be a review coming shortly!

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drank Tropicalia by DAVIDsTEA
237 tasting notes

Say Coconut I’m sold..
Say Pina Colada flavored I’m in love..

This smells like coconut heaven with accents of pineapple and perfect sweetness.Yes….heaven…

Once steeped (a VERY generous heaping of DT’s perfect spoonful)
smells the same but the apple starts to really come through.


The taste is like a light refreshing pina colada sans alcohol.
Perfectly sweet,tart and refreshing.

The other tastes really come through but it’s the coconut that is the real star(as it should be!)

Cannot wait to make this iced and into an actual Pina Colada.

In my humble opinion this is the ONLY tea in the Summer collection(other then luscious watermelon) that NEEDS and deserves to be iced.


Ohh jeez now I need to try this tea! I love coconut and don’t usually drink pina coladas as they are much too much for me (I like dirty vodka martini’s personally). But this. This I could drink as a light version of a pina colada without getting all that milky aftertaste! Thanks for the inspiration and great post!

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So I just nabbed the spring collection and was super excited to see a black fruity tea in there.

In the bag it smells exactly like Strawberry Campino candy with a lovely accent of nut and black tea.

Once steeped it smells more like “real” strawberries less candy like.It reminds me of strawberry compote or even hot strawberry topping that my mother used to put on cakes with added dollops of whipped cream.

It is reddish and honey colored and quite opaque.

My first try is as a hot tea but I considerably cooled it down so I could see the iced tea and hot drink potential.I will be able to tell if this deserves to be iced.

First taste I was worried about it being a lot like DT’s carrot cake..and unfortunately it is quite the same except bursting with Strawberry flavor.It is a little on the bitter side even with a less generous tea spoon and steep time.I can see the potential for it iced but as with Carrot Cake I am not in love..

As I have often realized though a tea gets mostly great reviews there will always be exceptions..people just have different levels of appreciation and expectation. What floats one person’s boat may not be at all nice for someone else.I used to get worried that I was missing out but I do not like some flavors and expect different things and that’s quite okay…it means I can save money and trade for something more to my liking!
I will trade this tea to my bff lindairvine she LOVES Carrot Cake so I’m pretty sure she’ll love this as well.

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drank Blood Orange Pu'erh by DAVIDsTEA
237 tasting notes

Citrus addict in me had to try this tea.
It smells like lemon zest with subtle dark tones.
Steeped and hot it smells like a lemon infused unsweetened Orange Pekoe.No real intense earth tones like you would normally expect in a pu’erh.
It is dark looking liquid in a typical pu’erh way,however this one is more red then brown.
It looks in fact like a long steeped orange pekoe.
I usually am overpowered by the earthy taste of Pu’erh so I’m hoping this one has a more delicate touch.
Taste wise it’s really lovely light and refreshing.
It has a lovely touch of zesty citrus and surprisingly no familiar Pu’erh taste.

I stand by my assessment of this being a properly lemony unsweetened Orange Pekoe.

Need the pekoe without the work of zesting or squeezing lemons? Like pekoe that is sweet without being sweetened?want a perfect properly tasting iced tea?

well this is it.

Next time:Iced.

this is the new designer Orange Pekoe.

However though I love Licorice I’m not sure about it’s little bite in this tea.


My first bag of this smelled super fishy and tasted the same way. And it was yucky brown coloured. Talked to someone at the store and they gave me a second bag and it was better but I don’t get citrus at all from it and it is still slightly brown in colour. I think maybe Bayshore got a bad batch of this one. Still fishy smelling. UGH

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Tea addict.Tea Connoisseur.
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Voracious reader.

Oh and I want to SWAP TEA with others..I am in Burnaby right beside Lougheed mall steps from the skytrain!Send me a message, let’s do this thing!



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