513 Tasting Notes

Thanks VariaTea for sending me like half my wishlist, this included! You’re a sneaky generous one, that’s for sure.

Because she sent me like five hundred teabags of this, Mr. keychange and I both had a large mug full, and each used two tea bags. I’m thinking that was a good choice, as six minutes later, the tea indeed tasted very much like a sugar cookie. Actually, it tasted spot on for shortbread, and although the mouth feel was a bit thin (I wonder if that’s just because it’s bagged tea and so the leaves can’t “swim” as much), the resemblance to a sugar cookie is uncanny—especially towards the end of the sip, when you really get that bready, yeasty, buttery taste that the best sugar cookies have (oh, and speaking of sugar cookies, Mr. Keychange and I made banana pudding sugar cookies, thanks to the recipe provided by our very own roswell strange!) . Having said all of those things, the fact that this yielded a thin cup was a little disappointing.

Bottom line: I might actually look around for this next winter, but am not going to be writing dark poetry about its absence until then.


I am glad you got shortbread. I tried but all I ever got was soggy crackers from this one :(. Banana pudding sugar cookies sound delicious btw. I wanted to try them so badly every time Roswell Strange mentioned them

Roswell Strange

Ooh! Did you like the cookies?


I sure did! And we even made icing for them and I can’t wait to dig into them when I go home. Nom.

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I woke up with a stomach that was out of sorts, felt nauseated, stood outside for a while and inhaled the (temporarily nice) fresh air, and came to work. Now I’m sitting here nauseated again. How annoying. I think I’m just going to try and hang in there as long as possible, but I really hate stumbling into my boss’ office and letting her know I won’t last the day. I just feel I should generally have better discretion than that, and just not go in as opposed to going in to try your best and just look as though you’re trying to prove a point. ugh I’m overthinking things. What else is new.

Anyway, this tea is just lovely. A touch of astringency in the most refreshing way possible, and I never thought that a straight black tea could taste refreshing. But there’s also a fair dose of malt and sweet, and a hint of apple woodiness from what I’m assuming is the Darjeeling. This tea really does taste quite complex, but is so effortlessly beautiful in your mouth. I got 8 oz of it (what? it didn’t come in smaller amounts!), so am happy to share, but also don’t anticipate having any issue at all finishing it. I like it a lot better than Scottish Morn, because I just found that tea to be astringent and strong but not much else. And I don’t know that I really like very strong but otherwise uninteresting teas. This is a lot more complex, while still having enough strength to be a legitimately awesome morning tea. Absolutely recommend!


I hate that feeling of making it to work and then feeling sick and having to leave as well :( I hope you getting feeling better soon!


I know! It’s just so awkward. Like, if you didn’t feel well, why’d you come in? but I just thought I might feel better as the day progressed, you know? Anyway, thanks. I hope this just goes away.


Mmm, that sounds wonderful! Bold AND beautiful!


This tea is absolutely fantastic!!

Sami Kelsh

This sounds super fancy and delicious! Sorry your day is going a bit rubbish, though. Hope you feel better!


It is wonderful! and thanks. I’m trying to see if I can’t find some sort of bland lunch option that won’t turn my stomach.


I hope you feel better!


Thank you! I’m starting to feel hungry, which I’m interpreting as a good sign. :)


Hope your day ended up better than it started :-)


Thanks :D

Hallo Chillie

I enjoyed reading your tealog, but sad you were struggling with being sick. Hope you are feeling better.


Thank you. I was hit hard by crazy weakness today, so ended up sleeping the entire day. Hopefully that helps some. And I’m so glad you njoyed reading my tea log!

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drank Peaches & Cream by DAVIDsTEA
513 tasting notes

This is a backlog from last night. In my attempt to try all of DT’s spring teas in a reasonable timeframe, I tore into this one last night because it was caffeine-free. I first tried this as a soy latte to go while I was at the store last Wednesday, and somehow much prefer it that way. I steeped for five minutes, and although I could finish the cup, I can’t say I’m dying to rush out and replenish my supply.

As usual, the dry leaf smells fantastic. There does appear to be some sort of artificial element to the smell—some people have identified it as alcohol or play-dough-but either way, I don’t actually find it entirely unpleasant—it sort of reminded me of childhood arts and crafts or something (glue maybe? either way, I actually liked it). I added some milk and sugar so as to mimic the latte concept, and somehow this time around I got this sickly, slightly too ripened fruit element that I wasn’t a fan of. This time, instead of being the gentle rounded fuzzy peach flavour I picked up on last Wednesday, this peach was slightly sharp, a bit over-ripe, and almost verged on citrus. Oh, and whoever said this should probably be a bagged tea was correct-it leaves a whole slew of stuff behind in the cup, which given that the drink fell short for me, was kind of a nasty finale to the whole ordeal.

Again, this was delicious in-store as a latte, and I imagine it would be delicious iced, so I’m not discounting it entirely. I just wouldn’t stock a tea that I couldn’t enjoy hot though, as that’s my preferred way of drinking it.

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drank Three Wishes Tea by DAVIDsTEA
513 tasting notes

You know, I think this is an under-estimated or overlooked tea at David’s, and I really hope they don’t pull it because it isn’t a fruity stunner. There are definitely people who love a good floral tea, and this one delivers. I don’t know that I can distinctly identify the rose and jasmine in this tea, although it certain has a generic floral profile, but also manages to be slightly reminiscent of, like, fruit loops or something (which I have absolutely no problem with). I screwed up this particular cup, because the keurig had a spasm and dispensed some really random amount of water in the cup, but it still yielded a thick, floral and slightly fruit loopy taste. Perhaps when I finish blueberry jam, this can work its way into my rotation, because it’s certainly a spring or summer tea. I also can’t taste too much of the base, although I can certainly smell it. It’s ok, though. I often feel that with floral teas, the flowers are what I want most, and the base can calm itself for a while and perhaps shine freely a bit later.

And I know I need to brave grape expectations again, but that first cup was a legitimate monstrosity.

And whaddaya know-it’s still light out and it’s nearly twenty to seven! woohoo!

Sami Kelsh

Honest to goodness, I love when a tea tastes like fruit loops. Somehow it just works!


Oh yeah, the fruit loop factor is actually a pretty big deal!


This is one of my favourite david’s blends. One that I never get sick of. Good with milk or without and doesn’t need sweetener, which is rare for me. I would die if they discontinued this.


Oh good. Glad I’m not the only one!

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Wow, I’m actually approaching a sip down on my 100 g tin of this. It’s a tea I would consider restocking, but I don’t feel compelled to break into the local DT to do it or anything. I also had it along with a breakfast shake this morning, which made me feel needlessly full of liquid and bloated, so you know how that goes. I like this tea because it needs minimal additions, and although I’ve got nothing against additions, it’s nice to have a few low maintenance teas hanging about. I do plan on attempting grape expectations after work again this afternoon, although I have to admit that the intense taste of grass really terrified me last night, although like I said, I think it had to have been me, because what I produced was so god awful that no one could even pretend to like it. Eww.


It really is a nice breakfasty tea. :) 100g of any good tea go by too fast, though. I hope you enjoy the end of it. :)

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drank Grape Expectations by DAVIDsTEA
513 tasting notes

Oh god. Something went fifty shades of wrong with this tea, and I imagine it was me, because what I brewed up could not have been enjoyable to anyone, not even one of those pretentious people who insist they like something that is highly improbable. But omg. So, so gross.

The dry leaf smells exactly like the smelly grape markers we used to play with as children. I wanted so much for that to transfer into the taste, but alas that was not to be. I couldn’t resist putting a touch of cream in the cup before starting, although perhaps that’s what ruined it? anyway, I brewed it for three minutes, and it was very bitter and tasted as though i was drinking liquid grass. A bit of rock sugar didn’t help, either. What am I doing wrong? how could something that smells this good taste this bad? I could not finish my cup—most of it went down the drain. I need to revisit it tomorrow, I think.



Fifty shades of wrong, LOL!


Haha it really was!


How hot was the water? Greens usually require the coolest water temperature, and I’ve found DavidsTea’s package directions can be a little high on that front. I’d try a 2-minute steep at maybe 140-170?


Ok, I’m going to try it with really cool water and an extra-short steep time. Thanks!

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drank Chandernagor by Mariage Frères
513 tasting notes

I’m packaging some of this to send off to sil, and figured I might as well try it myself. I actually got this at the Balzac’s cafe (guffaw guffaw balzacs omg), and it came in the most adorable tin with a really tight lid and this vacuum sealed under-lid thing. Wow that was articulate.

Anyway, the dry leaf smells quite strongly of ginger and cloves, and you know instantly that it’s a fairly spicy tea. You’re encouraged to add milk and sugar to this, which I took liberties to do.

The spice profile definitely holds true for the taste as well. It’s a chai that’s heavier on the cloves and ginger, with sweet cinnamon and a hearty dose of pepper rounding out the sip and warming your throat. In fact, I can imagine this being a really good “sick” tea, because of the throat-warming effect and also the ginger. This is no delicate, sweet cinnamon chai, and as such, might not appeal to those who avoid spicy chais, but for chai-lovers, I think it should definitely be on the to-try list. And given that I don’t currently have a chai in my collection, I don’t feel at all bad adding what I consider to be generally a ‘winter’ tea to it.


Balzac’s cafe…that really sounds like a place you would find Mariage Frères teas!! You’re lucky to have a place where you can pick up any of their teas, no such luck in my neck of the woods!!


Yeah, I only discovered this because yyz posted in a thread on the boards. Also, they only have a few mf teas—I was also looking for French breakfast, and they said they’d put in a request, so perhaps i’ll get that—but they didn’t have marco polo or some of the other popular blacks. I did have a friend go to London though and she picked me up some other MF teas that I desperately need to try.


This is my favourite chai. :) How much are the tins there?


american breakfast>french breakfast wish id know you wanted french breakfast keychange..would have added some in…or maybe i did..now i can’t remember lol


Don’t worry about it at all, sil. You’re already far too generous as it is. and omgsrsly, I paid a bit more than eighteen dollars for the 100 g tin.


That is amazing. If I run out before Christmas, I might ask you to send me more. I have tins, so I’d just want the tea in baggies. :) I bought mine at Holt Renfrew for $24 a tin.


don’t worry, OMGsrsly, I’ll be your mad hookup for this tea. Mad.


As long as you don’t hulk out and drink ALL the tea (because as a tea hulk, I don’t really see smashing as an option)!


The one who drinks all the tea around here is ms. sil! lol


:D Too true!


haai! do nooooot… i leave the blergamot stuff…

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drank Blue Lagoon by DAVIDsTEA
513 tasting notes

Having this the first time today put me in a really good mood and I may have been a bit too optimistic about spring being around the corner, because I got dressed and headed out for a rather long walk to David’s tea. I teetered pretty much all the way there, especially because I seem to have like the worst balance ever as soon as a hint of slush or ice appears, and of course Mr. keychange just breezed right along no problem, so looks like it’s just me who turns into a ninety year old when there’s snow and ice. But seriously, people should really be clearing the sidewalks in front of their driveway if they’re able to. Thank heavens I have the most patient, attentive guide dog in the world. He would slow down before any icy patch, and then carefully guide me over it, pausing every time I hesitated in case I needed to right my balance or flail, before tentatively resuming along, then picking up speed again once the coast was clear. I trust him with my life.

After a dinner of British fare, we headed to the movies where we watched Philomena, which was absolutely fantastic. Judi dench is out of this world, and I really need to see more movies with her in it.

Came home and decided to have another cup. This one brewed slightly weaker than that from this afternoon, although there was a touch more water. Still delectable though, and I’ll likely be round to DT for a tin in the reasonably near future. I was talking to one of the SAs at DT about how annoying it is to become really fond of a seasonal tea that you may never see again, and his answer was: “Yeah, I hear you. What I do is drink that tea again and again and then horde it, and by the time it’s on its way out, I may even be sick of it.” which I actually thought made sense LOL.

Abby Noelle

Your guide dog is amazing!! And what the DT SA said is very very true…


Seriously, what an amazing little companion.


He’s pretty much one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and what’s cool is that Mr. keychange has his brother from another mother! (so they share a rather prolific father ha).


Sounds like a great companion!

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drank Blue Lagoon by DAVIDsTEA
513 tasting notes

Oh my god oh my god. I don’t know why I waited so long to try this tea (and by “so long” I mean that I actually purchased this on Wednesday evening). I would give it a rating of 100, but I don’t want to do that just yet because I know it’s probably also a bit of first-sip excitement. But guys, this tea.

The dry leaf scent is intoxicating, although you can definitely sniff out the candied pineapple, and that might be a touch off-putting for some in its strength. I brewed it for five minutes, through caution to the wind, and actually decided to sip it straight because I was feeling all badass today, and you know how it rolls.

And omg. I don’t even know if I can break it down. I tasted blueberry, pineapple (although not so distinctly), and just, I don’t know. I tasted a beach and distant shores; I tasted lying in one of those uncomfortable plastic chairs on the beach that you try to make comfortable by heaping towels on it, soaking up the sun and feeling sand sift through your fingers. It tasted all things exotic. it tasted like giddy, first-date excitement when you’re young and have butterflies of hope and anticipation.
Oh god, I need to shut up. But I already feel as though i want a tin of this.

(and don’t worry sil, I’m still sending you this!)

But seriously. I, even I had it with no additions. And that’s huuuuge.
Oh, and a note to the people worried about the lemongrass: worry not, my child. It provides but the faintest whisper of a distant tartness, but it’s almost undetectable in the true sense.

Just get this. Just try it!


Your notes are so awesome. :D I really need to stop by DavidsTea and pick some of this up now.


LOL you like my needlessly dramatic writing? hahaha! yes, you really should try this. If there’s no dT near you, I’d be happy to share the love.


It’s so freaking good, right? I couldn’t find the words to describe it.


Shopping list!


There are almost as many DT as Sbux. Almost. :D I’m actually going past TWO today to meet up with MissB.


keychange..i was just going to say…keep your sample then! hahaha


Ok, ok… I got it! Gonna try it next! :D


no no no sil, you’re not getting off that easy! you’re getting some of this because everyone on the planet (and their mother) needs to try this!

morgana, want some?
omgsrsly, so glad you love it! yum yum!


Awww! I like everything about this note :-)
I received a sample with my mason jar mug, can’t wait to try it now!

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You know those mornings when your significant other (or something/someone else) has to pretty much force you out of bed because you’re convinced that you’re being rudely awakened in the middle of the night, and even if someone tells you your house is burning down, all you can manage is an “well then it must be my time, peace out” before rolling back over?
This was one of those mornings. I fell asleep instantly last night, and don’t remember even rolling over at night or anything. It was lovely. But waking up sucked. I bet a fire would suck worse though.

Anyway, all comfort teas today, even though I’m in a good mood because it’s Friday and I might hit up a Balzac’s (yeah, what a name eh?) cafe to get some Mariage frères tea this evening!

I had the Queen for breakfast, but figured there’s not much more I can say about her that hasn’t already been said. Now I’m sipping this out of my timolino and it’s bringing me lots and lots of pleasure. If you’re looking for a strongly flavoured sweet cinnamon tea that will perform miracles under pretty much any steeping parameter, I’d strongly encourage you to give this one a go. And even I can take it with minimal additions, which is saying something.

Happy Friday!

Aimee Popovacki

mm i love this one.


I will admit I have no idea what you’re talking about – when I wake up I’m just all


…and I really want to hear about any potential Mariage Frères consumption now.

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Well, it’s been slightly over six months since I’ve joined steepster, and I can’t say enough wonderful things about this community. Like many of you, I began my foray into the world of loose-leaf tea by discovering David’s Tea, and although I’ve ventured out and have discovered many other companies that I’m extremely fond of, there are still many of David’s teas that I hold close to my heart and I will always appreciate it as a starting point for my journey.

As for my preferences, I tend to prefer bold black tea, flavoured and unflavoured alike, and I almost always take my blacks with cream and sugar. This isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy a good, flavoured white though, and I’m slowly making my way through the incredibly confusing world of oolongs and greens. I am also not a fan of rooibos, although I am starting to suspect green rooibos may be ok, but you know how it is: when you’ve decided you detest a certain ingredient, you’ll notice it everywhere—perhaps even where it doesn’t exist!

Things other than tea: I’m engaged to be married to my best friend, and feel like the richest woman on the planet because of it. I am also a veracious reader, and I also happen to have an obsession with fragrances, and have amassed quite a collection, although it pales in comparison to some collections out there! As a result of this obsession, I also follow several fragrance blogs, and am always up for a chat about scent. I’m also almost completely blind, and this does indeed mean that I come complete with a guide dog, who unlike me, hales from the sunny California campus of Guide dogs for the Blind. I think I’ve rambled on long enough, but if there’s anything you’d like to know or if you just feel like chatting to someone, please don’t hesitate to send me a message.


Ontario, Canada

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