4 Tasting Notes

drank Kanpe Tea by DAVIDsTEA
4 tasting notes

I bought this tea when David’s had their 40% off boxing day bonanza and ended up with 250g haha.

It isn’t my favourite because of the hibiscus(?) I found it very tart. I have only tried it hot so I am excited to try it iced. I have so much I could try in every single way possible.

I do LOVE the colour, which looks adorable in my blue/white tea cups.

I also need to add that the blend of cinnamon and tropical fruits just isn’t sitting well with me. Anyone else?

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drank Coffee Cake by DAVIDsTEA
4 tasting notes

No longer allowed to drink at work. Had numerous complaints that “It smells like someone is eating a plate of maple syrup”. I actually sat and thought about how much I love this tea and if I should argue – then realized I really don’t like this tea.

It smells yummy but really lacks flavour once it hits the palette. I agree that it tastes oily, and dare I say weak? Not much going on.

So now I’m stuck with this tea that has been banned from the work place.

Maybe I’ll pawn it off on my Dad who claims “Add brown sugar – it takes it to a whole other level”

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drank Long Life Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
4 tasting notes

I LOVE this tea! I think I am a big peachy apricot fan. I do find that my second or third steep is pretty tame and watery, not a huge fan of that which makes this tea quite pricey. I can’t wait to try this cold and hopefully the flavours will be even better.

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So I am new to this community and new to tea so bare with my novice reviews. I went to Teavana for the first time today (have been frequenting Davids since my revelation with tea) and was quite impressed that a) They had a super tasty oolong (monkey something) and were owned by starbucks (already have my gold card and would love to use my rewards for free tea).

I bought this because I really do seem to gravitate towards oolongs and was intrigued by the aroma. I got it home and brewed it hot. Immediately I smell the cinnamon, and also the chicory. My first taste was overwhelmingly cinnamon – not bad but not what I was expecting. After the cinnamon wears off I immediately taste the apple. I honestly do not taste an oolong flavour at all which is quite disappointing. After reading these reviews I now realize there isn’t much oolong in the tea so I’m glad to know I’m learning.

I bought four other teas and will try them and rate them as well.

I also bought the German Sugar. I have been trying to not add anything to my teas to have a guilt free caffeine drink but figured I would buy some and try it out.

Any thoughts on the German Sugar?

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Have not used German sugar. I generally don’t use sugar in my teas, though sometimes I use splenda for things like chai. Have used honeybush as a natural sweetener for herbals that are too tart.

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