This is a lovely cup of white tea. I struggled to taste the pear and the ginger was more subtle than the packaging implied, but this resulted in a balanced and soothing coat of flavor.

In fact I think that’s the theme of this tea. Upon careful recollection, I can’t quite place my finger on precisely what, besides peach and ginger, comprises the center of the tea’s flavor.

And weirdly enough I caught a whiff of what resembled my father’s favorite IPA beer while this was steeping, and the taste of hops was there, too, dancing ghoulishly on the tip of my tongue before melting away.

Plus if you taste it carefully, there’s the tiiiiiniest hint of mint underlying the whole flavor profile.

Overall, a very well-rounded cup, not too sweet but not bitter at all, with little dazzling, ephemeral shimmers of unexpected flavors tiptoeing in a circle around a mysterious but refreshing prima donna core of pure white tea.

Flavors: Cucumber, Ginger, Herbs, Hops, Mint, Peach

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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Hi! I’m a coffeeholic-turned-tea-addict, though my experience with tea doesn’t extend much past re-steeped home go-to pots and dim sum restaurant cups. I am fascinated by the history of tea because, hey, wars were fought over this stuff, right?

My favorites are jasmine (my #1), mint, Ceylon, oolong, the occasional well balanced tie guan yin, the occasional white, chrysanthemum, and chamomile. Herbals are a hit or miss — I seriously cannot stand rooibos or other flower bomb tea.

Regardless, my tea-steeping and tea-pouring etiquette could REALLY use some work. Hopefully this website will change that!

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