Backlog. I had this a few days ago and only took a few notes.

(1st steep, pre-boil, 3 min.) Floral, mineral, buttery, with a distinct taste that I associate with high mountain oolongs. Kind of “heavy”.
(2nd steep, pre-boil, 3 min.) This time it’s more buttery and sweet like kettle corn. Has a very “oolong-y” and plantlike aftertaste, which makes me think of chewing on tea leaves. It reminds me of the sensation. Slight mineral taste (not much). As it cools, there’s less mineral, more butter. Still a bit floral. Reminds me of chewing on sugarcane. The texture of it, not the taste specifically. It’s sweet with a fruity aftertaste that’s like pears…or peaches. Can’t quite pin it down.
(3rd steep, pre-boil, 4 min.) I don’t have anything written down for this. From what I remember though, it was a lot of the same flavors but muted. Not really enjoyable. Not bad, just really thin.

To conclude, it’s a decent oolong. To me it just didn’t have very much depth of flavor. There were a lot of the same flavors in each steep, just varying intensities. Pleasant but boring.

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I have met such lovely, kind individuals on Steepster and am so glad to have become a part of this community!

Pure black teas are my favorite. I drink black tea daily and I try to keep a variety on hand. I also enjoy white tea, matcha, puerh, and the occasional oolong. In general I try to stay away from flavored teas—especially those with artificial flavorings—but I will make rare exceptions, and I do enjoy a well crafted blend of straight teas. Things I (usually) don’t like: green oolongs, rooibos, straight green teas.

Rating System
90+ The very best! Teas that I always need in my cupboard!
85-89 Teas that I enjoy immensely and will try to keep around.
80-84 Makes a very pleasing cup. I will enjoy drinking them, but won’t necessarily try to keep around. (There are exceptions.)
70-79 Decent, but could be better.
60-69 Mediocre.
40-59 Gross. I might still try to finish the cup.
39 & under Undrinkable. I probably dumped this cup. Depending on the specific rating, I probably threw the rest of the tea out as well.

Some of my favorite tea companies are:
-Whispering Pines Tea Co.
-Verdant Tea
-Mandala Tea

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