drank Sencha Ashikubo by DAVIDsTEA
19 tasting notes

First impressions were pleasant and fresh. The dry tea smelled like freshly cut grass with a hint of something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It took me to a time and a place that resided somewhere in my subconscious memories. The dry leaves were fine and playful, just begging to be steeped for my taste buds to enjoy. I even enjoyed the fine texture as I played my fingers through it, noting its teasing promise of the bliss soon to come.

After steeping, the aroma still had that fresh and pleasant whimsy that tickled my sense of smell. There were promises of being whisked away to a land of fantastical fiction. It was difficult to refrain from my first sip. I was sure to enjoy it. The liquid was a fresh and clear green, and that shade of green is my favourite colour. It reminded me of a fresh meadow and the hydrated leaves looked like they’d just been picked that morning.

Oh, what promises…

Then I savoured the moment as I brought that warm cup of magic closer to its destination. It was sure to impress my taste buds like no other. I relished the scent as the porcelain touched my lips, and, “OH MY GOD!”

This was the worst tea I’ve ever tasted. The bitterness lingered on my tongue for hours afterwards like a coating of unwanted sludge, and my stomach turned and churned as the day continued with dreadful regret.

This is the first tea I’ve tried from David’s Tea that never made it to the bottom of my cup. I’ll admit that I’m not a big ‘green tea’ fan, but I will drink them without complaining. I was even excited to try this cute little sample that accompanied my order. The price suggested it was of high quality. It had to be good!

It wasn’t.

The only guilt I feel for not liking this tea is that I convinced a co-worker to try it with a shorter steeping time to see if it was me. My taste buds could have been off, and I never told her I didn’t like it. All I said was, “Try this… Tell me what you think of it.”

Well, she’s mad at me now. She dumped hers halfway through and thinks I got her to drink it just so I could get rid of it. The nerve!

Anyways, it’s possible I had a bad sample. If not, this is obviously not everyone’s cup of tea.

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Always been a tea drinker. My cat and I used to enjoy a nice cup of orange pekoe when I was younger. From there, earl grey became a favourite. Today, I have a caffeine intolerance and have had to ration my favourite hot beverages to mostly tisane. I still cheat from time to time and am slowly discovering some new favourites.

As a general rule, I rarely sweeten my tea. But as a die-hard determined to enjoy a cup, I may add a small splash of stevia, honey, or lemon if I think it will help to make a tea I dislike tolerable.

Other than my interest in tea, my hobbies and interests change with the seasons. I’m always a sucker for electronics, but the domestic inside likes to take on the challenges of crafting. There are plenty of useful items around the home that I am proud to say I made (along with several unfished products stashed away in the corners).



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