drank Ziyun Pu-erh Maocha by Harney & Sons
1719 tasting notes

Sip down. I took Monday off, so I have had three days of abusive eating (my favorite kind). When I went to bed last night I knew I was drinking puerh today. It was just a question of which one. This loose leaf sheng came from ashamanra a while back so I am not sure how old it actually is but in the time I have had it, this has morphed.

The first cup @2 minutes is extremely milky in taste and feel. There is also a quality that all I can think of to describe it is shiny. Yes I know shiny isn’t a taste. Maybe mineral? Metallic? Not coppery. This has also become quite sweet. I add Splenda and this is almost sweet enough I don’t need it (almost – stupid monkey). The aroma is wet hay, which becomes part of the sip midway through. It has that wonderful sticky lip feel. Not sure why that always appeals to me. I think it is because it is followed by a rumbling tummy. Mission accomplished.

Second cup @ 1 minute, loses the milky taste. The press aroma is poo, I mean shu like. The taste now is mild sheng still with some sweetness and the shiny flavor.

Cup 3 @ 2 minutes. The press scent is back to a normal sheng like seaweed. The shiny taste is gone. Mild with just a hint of mushroom (in a good way). It is a bit like wet leaves but not yet earthy.

Cup 4 @ 3 minutes. This is the best cup yet. It is still mild but darker flavor. Sadly this is the last cup I have time for today but it was a good ending.


I know exactly what you mean about shiny! Exactly!

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I know exactly what you mean about shiny! Exactly!

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