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Cue loud blues guitar. Woke up this morning… Stop the music, we all know a blues song that starts like that doesn’t end well. Though it usually does have a pretty awesome riff. Anyway, I woke up with a throbbing headache. Driving to work the sun was bright, on the horizon, and in my eyes the whole way. Some days you just miss the rain. I walk in the door and a buddy is standing there with a box of peanut butter cookies. Oh yow, the blues just turned into the hallelujah chorus. Immediately start thinking what goes with PB cookies. Grabbed old reliable.

I used a healthy spoon of leaf, a 2 minute steep, and 12oz of just under boiling water in my press. Made three(!) delicious steeps of delicious, slightly astringent (which I like) mugs. The secret to this tea is not to steep too hot or too long or it can get too much attitude.

For the uninitiated, Ahmad does a great job of value for dollar with their low cost loose leaf teas – and even their bagged teas. Similar to Twinings in cost, leaf quality, and bergamot level. The biggest difference to me is the base has more guts in this one.

I have not tried many higher quality EG’s. If I did, I might find one I really liked the taste of that had great depth and complexity, but I don’t know that would prompt me to switch. This one is like an old pair of jeans with the butt and the knees wearing through that you wear anyway because they are comfortable. Nothing like a good comfort tea.

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Having a passion for tea and living in rural America is a tough combination. The nearest tea vendor is 65 miles away. Joining Steepster has completely changed the direction of my tea journey.

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