After having a mug of Bailin Gongfu black tea early this morning, we did our usual Saturday breakfast out. I hated to leave the only steeped once leaf at home so I put it the infuser basket of this mug. When asked if I wanted my usual hot tea, I told them I just wanted hot water. They are so used to me they didn’t care. Poured the water into the mug and placed the lid on top the infuser. Worked pretty well. The lid then served as a tray to set the infuser on while I sipped. I do have a few complaints. The lid doesn’t fit securely, so don’t expect it to stay put in the car – it won’t. The handle is thin and oddly shaped. I think it was most noticeable next to the regular very heavy mug in the restaurant. Final complaint is it is normally $15. I only paid $10 so I guess I shouldn’t care. I was looking for a Finum basket and bought this instead for the same price. I’m content. The infuser mesh is fine enough to suit my needs.

After downing 3 mugs, I told our server to go ahead and bring my usual tea – Mother Parker’s Orange Pekoe in a bag. She actually brought me two. Score! Had one cup of it. Put the unused bag in my pocket. Then after a quick stop at Walmart, and another at Lowes, we went country cruising. By the time we got home I was very happy to see indoor plumbing!

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K.S. passed away in late April. There will be no more postings from him. Thank you.

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