1719 Tasting Notes

Up until now I have been enjoying my break from ‘serious’ tea with these Good Earth fusions. Not so much with this one. Opening the envelope I smell something berry but can’t quite identify it. Once steeped the aroma is berry and vanilla. So far, so good. The however, is once I taste I am at first assaulted with a blast of stevia which suddenly jumps into high gear with hibiscus. The aftertaste turns to that bitter stevia taste that is like drinking saccharin. My wife, who is an herbal tea drinker thought the taste wasn’t bad. For me, this makes the do not ever try again list. I know I can’t like everything, but it disappoints me because I have been amused by all the previous Good Earth teas.

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drank Taiwanese Green Tea by Sanne Tea
1719 tasting notes

Had this one yesterday as a hot western steep. Today I am having it as a cold brew. I thought this made a delicious and refreshing cold brew. I used 3g in a 12oz bottle overnight in the fridge. It is very sweet. The first note I catch is somewhere between sweet corn and buttered popcorn. Next it has a mild roasted note but since this tea was produced with zero roasting, I guess I’ll call it a nutty flavor. It finishes with a sweet abundance of floral (orchid?) notes reminiscent of Taiwan oolong. The sweet floral drifted into the aftertaste. This was good as a hot mug but really shines as a cold brew.

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drank Taiwanese Green Tea by Sanne Tea
1719 tasting notes

Well this is interesting. I used care when preparing this one as Sanne indicated it could be temperamental. I used 3g in my press with water heated to 175F. The first cup @60s is very yellow and tastes of sweet corn. There is zero bitterness and no noticeable astringent drying. The aftertaste is sweet and grassy. As the cup cools the flavor becomes more mineral stream. The second cup @90s has a light green tint. The taste is bold nori. There is enough bite to be interesting without being bitter. The aftertaste is sweet and grassy. The bite mostly subsides as the cup cools. The flavor remains unchanged. I do notice a slight tingle in the cheeks. I like the tingle but imagine a slightly reduced steep time would remove it. I don’t have time today to continue with this one though it should go 3 more steeps. I do have a cold brew working in the fridge for tomorrow.

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drank French Vanilla Matcha by Matcha Outlet
1719 tasting notes

For sure!

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drank Starry Chai by Good Earth
1719 tasting notes

As a general rule, I am not a fan of chai. I couldn’t quite figure out why as I like everything that is in it. This and Sweet Chai of Mine have kind of clued me in, most chai are too over spiced for my tastes. Good Earth backs off on the intensity a couple notches and I appreciate it.

Dry this does smell a little medicinal with the cherry flavor. Once steeped the aroma turns to a warm cinnamon and cardamom with a touch of cherry. The taste is similar to the steeped aroma.

In tea, cherry never tastes like cherry in pie – which is how all cherry should taste. It is more like the cherry in a shaved ice. Since I have never found a tea that tastes like cherry pie, I can’t fault them here.

With Sweet Chai of Mine, the black pepper and ginger hit with a spicy heat at the end. In this one they are calmer and support the cinnamon allowing it to warm up the end of the sip.

I did sweeten this but only a little. It disappeared very quickly from my cup. That kind of surprised me.

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drank Bada Mountain Sheng Puerh by JalamTeas
1719 tasting notes

Tea of the day. The moment I pulled back the paper I was impressed with this one. I am not used to such a fresh green aroma with only a little shengness to it. The leaf is as nice as the aroma. There is a lot of green, some brown, and an abundance of silvery buds. I can tell by looking there is a lot of large leaves in this cake. I did a rinse (for once), poured off and let the leaf rest for while before preparing the first cup.

The liquor is apricot in color. I braced myself for the young sheng astringent blast and was happy to find it wasn’t present. This is a 2014 cake but the astringent bite is light and comes and goes. This is lightly sweet. I caught hints of smoke. The aftertaste reminded me of peach.

I am not that educated in sheng so I can’t tell much about quality. I can say I enjoyed drinking a sheng that I didn’t have to wince with each sip.


Bada is pretty smooth generally. The rest period really help the puerh I think. it will sometimes absorb its own weight in water during the rinse.


Ooo, intriguing!

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drank Sweet Chai Of Mine by Good Earth
1719 tasting notes

Tea of the day with my oldest son. His laptop is dead. I blame Windows 10 and its stupid insistence of auto updates that you can’t disable. My youngest son says it has corrupted the boot drive, whatever that is.

Anyway, so tea – I am not a chai person. Keep that in mind. This is a bagged tea that can sometimes be found at the local grocer. It smells very medicinal when opening the envelope. Once steeping begins the aroma turns more traditional. The taste surprises me. It is far lighter than expected. I like that. It has the traditional chai spices in moderation and a touch of vanilla. The licorice root and stevia do add some sweetness, but for chai I think it should be sweeter. I added a little sweetener (half packet). This livens up the mug and brings out the maple flavor. It also brings out the black pepper and ginger in the form of a light bite with a little heat. So then I added a splash of milk. It mutes the chai spices a little and lifts the maple. For chai this isn’t bad.


I’ve had a touchpad quit working on my Dell since a recent update.


My youngest is our resident IT guy. He tried for 2 or 3 hours. He even tried to piggy back the hard drive into another laptop and using Ubuntu tried to crack into it. He finally gave up. Can’t boot. Can’t restore. Can’t uninstall. Tread with caution if you are stuck with 10. Suddenly my Win8 looks pretty good.


Just 8 here and frankly I don’t like it much. No intention of pursuing 10!


Historically I never update an MS OS until service pack 2 gets released, although with Win10 and it’s auto-updates that will be hard to gauge. I guess if the collective moaning of the afflicted users dies down to a murmur then perhaps it will be time.


TeaExplorer – historically I never update unless it becomes necessary for running a new program. Updates unintentionally break things.

gmathis – I hated 8 when I first got it. I downloaded a free program my IT kid recommended called classic shell. Now when I turn on my laptop it has a real desktop with icons and a start button. Woot! for old school. If I wanted it to look and work like a smart phone I would have bought one.


Thankfully we don’t have to update our tea just Steep and sip

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This one left me scratching my head. I don’t drink a lot of oolongs because I don’t like the heavy roasted ones everyone else seems to prefer. This one is heavily oxidized but isn’t heavy on the roasting. It is a little sweet with the taste of honey but only lightly. The main flavor is a woodsy sort of leafiness accompanied by mineral notes like you would expect in a mountain stream where the water rushes across big rocks. This one seems so familiar but looking through my notes on Oriental Beauty and Bao Zhong, the two I thought it might most resemble, proved not even a close match. As I ended my blog post, I am going to have to leave the taste of this one as The Mystery of the Red Buffalo.

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drank citrus kiss by Good Earth
1719 tasting notes

I had this one yesterday. For the life of me I can’t figure out why it is so badly rated. Other than it being a tea bag, the big complaint seems to be the added stevia. While stevia does have a bit of a saccharin type bitter aftertaste, I think it fits this tea. It gives a little sweet kick at the end. It certainly isn’t as sweet as anything pre-sweetened at Starbucks. I also found this to be fairly complex for a lowly bag, and the flavors are light and airy. First I taste the combination of lemongrass and lemon myrtle. It achieves a very nice balance of citrus flavor. It isn’t candy and certainly isn’t furniture polish. Next I catch a brief brush of rose. It isn’t perfume or gross. It is actually quite pleasant. Late in the sip I notice the chamomile and blackberry leaves. Possibly along with the citric acid, they add just a slight tartness before the stevia kick finishes it off. As I said, I don’t get it (the hate). I might not want it all the time but would definitely drink this again. As for the aftertaste – it didn’t offend me, even so, to me it is just an opportunity to have a snack with my tea.

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drank Banana Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1719 tasting notes

Man, everyone else rated this really high. I am glad I read the reviews first as it salvaged this one for me.

I prepared this with 1 tsp of powder and 8 ounces of cold 2% milk. I thought the taste was on the weird side. It was banana-ish but then there was another taste like rose water. It wasn’t real strong but distracting. I added a little sweetener (equivalent to 1 tsp of sugar). This reduced the rosewater note and brought the banana into the marshmallow candy range mentioned by others. With sweetener it is sweet but not too sweet for a dessert treat.

Sometime soon I plan to make this again and add ice cream, along with a drizzle of chocolate and caramel. This has potential!

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