1705 Tasting Notes

drank Bao Zhong Tea by Sanne Tea
1705 tasting notes

Maybe my memory is on the fritz but this just seems different than any Bao Zhong or Pouchong I have tried before. First the leaf has more green than I recall. There is also tan tips and the darker leaf kind of looks battle ship grey with white spots. The liquor is bright yellow which I did expect but the aroma is floral like Alishan. The taste is sweet and at first reminds me of corn with maybe a touch of malt. Then it moves towards the floral notes. The aftertaste is lingers green and viney.

I know most western folks seem to like their oolong dark and highly roasted. I do not. This is more my style. Light, crisp, and refreshing. A good afternoon sip, to chill or meditate.

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I dare you to open the bag and inhale this then walk away. Ain’t no way. Dry this smells like a bouquet of peonies. So sweet and pretty. The leaf is equally beautiful with red and brown steaks along with silvery white tips. Once brewed the steep leaf scent is peaches, no grapes, no its orange. Love. The brew is liquid sunshine so bright and golden. The taste is muscat grape and hints of malt. Then it turns into mountain streams that fade into light orange blossoms. I was not in the mood for tea today until I opened this one. Gentle and amazingly complex. A definite winner.




Wow. That’s impressive!

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drank Lotus by The Persimmon Tree Tea Company
1705 tasting notes

Last of the tin. I’d be sad but I have another unopened one already waiting. So good. I added a little sweetener today, because I can, it was a good choice. Sweet, creamy, a little peppery, a little floral and anise, along with a wonderfully different green tea.

I just went to The Persimmon Tree website – there is almost nothing there! Are they closing down or retooling? It would be a shame to loose them. So maybe I am sad.

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Tuesday we were in Columbus Indiana, so we stopped at Empire Tea Services warehouse. Here in small town Indiana, they blend and carry 250 different teas. Mainly they are wholesalers, supplying tea for restaurants and hotels. They also do relabeling. The retail side of the business is called Tea Temptations. They don’t really push the retail side. I have tried to get them to sell samples and smaller sizes – 4 oz is just too much for most of us around here. They told me it cost more than they make from it. Others do it, so I’m not so sure, but they seem happy with things the way they are. They also have items in stock (like yixing pots) that aren’t on their website. The tiny pot I looked at was $29.

So, the tea… back in my tea bag only days, I loved Peach Apricot tea. I am not a big flavored tea drinker, except mainly Earl Grey. I am not sure why PA has always appealed to me. This stuff blows the doors of anything bag related. I was told that this has been their number one selling tea for several years. Today I am having it iced. The gunpowder tea is mainly large broken pieces with some full leaves. It stays mostly in the background. The peach and apricot share equal billing. They taste really natural to me. I can almost feel the fuzz on the fruit.

Oh, one other thing, the tea comes in decorative plastic lined waxed paper bags. It should probably be moved to something else if you don’t drink it up quickly. Admittedly, I never move it and it seems to do well. Just wanted you to be aware.


Just the two words “tea” and “warehouse” used simultaneously…ahhhhh…

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drank Candy Cane Lane by Celestial Seasonings
1705 tasting notes

I don’t have Sleepytime vanilla yet, but hearing about it made me break out the winter CS bags. Last night it was Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. Love it. Tonight was another awesome choice. Late in the evening when I am looking more for comfort than depth, this really hits the spot.

In other news, I dropped in to the Empire Tea Services warehouse today. We were in the neighborhood and my wife was almost out of her Tea and Herbs. Thought we would save on the shipping. Since we were there I kind of bought 4 oz of Peach and Apricot gunpowder green tea. I’ve had it before. It has been their number 1 seller for years and for good reason. I swear I can smell the fuzz on the peach. I needed another 4 oz of tea like a hole in the head but made the mistake of smelling it. I am weak :)


You can always use more tea! :)

Christina / BooksandTea

That “hole in the head” bit? Tell me about it. I have over a pound and a half of tea coming in and I’m still considering getting some more puer from Misty Peaks.


Ooooooohhhhh. Warehouse. Tea. Ooohhhhh.


Oh….do I have any Sugar Cookie left…? Will you get up and check for me? I’m too tired.

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drank Jin Jun Mei by teasenz
1705 tasting notes

August? What happened to July? For that matter where did spring and summer go? The first cold snap is probably only 7 weeks away. Oh well, maybe that will help get me moving drinking tea again.

Actually, I tell you what it takes to motivate me – Jin Jun Mei. I love Fujian tea. This is a really excellent one. I honestly can’t think of a single negative thing to say about this one. From the moment I opened the bag I was hooked. It has all the wonderful scent you expect from it. The leaf is beautiful. The brew color is dark, dark, ruby red. The aroma is intoxicating. Teasenz says it has notes of orange. Others mention this as well. To me it is like fruit wine, except better, cause its tea ;)

The taste is honey and sweet potato, malt and hay, along with the fruity wine vibe. Accompanying this mixed in with a pleasant bite is molasses and cocoa.

I made two mugs and the second was as excellent as the first. I know most of my reviews are positive – because I don’t drink stuff I don’t like. That said, this is really good. If I still rated teas, I would slide the bar way to the right.

Christina / BooksandTea

Oh yeah, I got a free sample of this a while back and it was amaaaazing. It smells like cocoa powder when you open it, and the inside of the pouch it came in was covered in this beautiful fine pekoe dust.


A lovely description! I don’t know how I’ve gone this long without Jin Jun Mei in my life ;)


I don’t love Fujians in general but a good Jin Jun Mei is close to the top of my tea heaven list. I need a replacement for when I run out of MinRiver Tea’s. On to the wishlist this one goes!

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drank Shokuku Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1705 tasting notes

I used this in a latte – cold milk and Splenda. I really enjoyed it. Adding 12 oz of milk to 2 tsp of powder tends to overpower the taste of most matcha. I thought this stood up really well. Grassy and vegetal.

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I didn’t add any product info when I created this listing as it already exists but I can’t access it. I get a wall of HTML. Jason has been advised.

So, man, I have been craving LS for weeks. It has been so stinking hot out that I haven’t satisfied the crave. Until this morning. It was around 60 F on my porch. Reason enough to rejoice and brew some LS.

This came double wrapped (thanks Little Red Tea Co.). Once brewed it smells intense. I love Little Red Tea Companies description – ‘bridge abutments’! Yes, and proud of it! The taste is more refined. Obviously it is quite smoky, but there is a peppery note along side a smooth sweet mineral. The aftertaste is smoke and pepper.

It is smooth with no bitterness or astringency that I could detect.

This satisfied my craving until the next cool morning.

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drank Earl Grey by Ahmad Tea
1705 tasting notes

Apparently it has been 5 days or so since I posted – or drank tea besides bottled or Lipton. Well, I do have my morning latte but that is more flavored sweetened milk. So, my wife brought me this one from the kitchen. It was in her way (no respect for the bergomot). Of course since it was already out… so 3 minutes, a packet of Splenda, and 10 oz of 200 F water, were transformed into bliss. Went magically with a bagel and a couple honey drizzled sausage links. For a moment I forgot how humid it is even indoors.

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I was pretty ill over the last 6 months. During this time I had this tea waiting to be reviewed but never got to it. Sorry What-Cha. So, I pull it out today, took pictures for the blog, but all the time I had decided this one was just for the love of tea. I just wanted to enjoy the look and the smell of the leaf. To watch the dance, and breath in the brewed aromas. To taste like it was my first cup. Lately I have forgotten how to just let the tea take me on a journey.

It is a good thing I went in with this attitude as this tea is no longer available and may never come back. Well poo. Not sure if I’ll go ahead with a blog post or not. Either way, I really enjoyed the trip.

The dry leaf is really dark for a green tea. It is lightly twisted and curled. It smells leafy and loamy with some tobacco notes, and an earthiness to it that made my mind briefly envision puerh.

I steeped in my clear glass teapot so I could watch the dance, and dance it did. Some leaf stubbornly clung to the surface while others white knuckled the bottom. It reminded me of school kids at a first dance – boys on one side and girls on the other. The brave leaf that did dance, swirled with abandon and glided about, occasionally tapping one of the clingers and dragging them to the dance floor. Thank you for the dance.

The wet leaf is large broken pieces that become green and revived. What really struck me as unexpected was the wet leaf scent. I can think of no other way of describing this. It is the aroma of a filtered cigarette. Not the nasty ash kind but the sweet and fragrant kind. I have never been a smoker, but there are certain brands that from a distance I enjoy the scent of in the open air – for a brief period. This is like the that.

The liquor is a beautiful mix of honey and orange in color. The taste is… oh yes this is green tea. It is sweet with a solid bite. Underneath is a subtle smoky note that is welcome. It is not like the wet leaf scent, and not like a camp fire. It is a roasted kind of smoky. This is also quite crisp. The aftertaste is sweet with a light fruitiness.

Glad I got to try this one.


Love this review. I think sometimes we get excited about writing a review (etc) and forget to just sit back and enjoy the tea itself and the journey it takes us on. Beautifully written!


Good grief, talk about typos. Glad you figured it out and enjoyed it.

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