1719 Tasting Notes

I’ve read the other reviews. They seemed positive. For me this is just OK. Today I upped the leaf and used hotter water (205 F), I also lengthened the steep time to 4 minutes. It made the cup less subtle but not leaps and bounds more. This starts out with a peppery bite that isn’t overly intense. Then it fades into a woodsy autumn leaf flavor. There is a hint of fruitiness. I ended up adding sweetener. It didn’t bring out anything new but it did enhance what was already there. I just wish it had more depth or more intensity.

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drank Orange Pekoe by Mother Parkers
1719 tasting notes

I know many of you will not drink any cup prepared with a tea bag. That’s fine. I have a few I still enjoy but mainly I have them in iced tea at my parents, or at a restaurant. This one I drink hot. It has far more depth than expected from a cheapster. Today this had a light smokiness that melted into very floral and fruity notes. I checked the wrapper to make sure it wasn’t an oolong. Honestly this CTC in a paper bag impresses me more than the high dollar loose leaf Darjeeling I had yesterday.


I have a few favorites that are in tea bags. Good tea is good tea even if it come in bag form! :)


You’ve waxed so poetically over this one, I feel the need to hunt it down. It’s a food service brand, correct?


This is what they serve when you order hot tea at our local Steak N Shake. I’ll see if I can’t get my hands on a bag to send your way.


I’ll have to check the Steak N Shake menu more closely next visit; never noticed hot tea as an option! (We go mostly for the shakes, but now that we’ve got a Baskin Robbins, loyalties are divided.)

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Hmmm. I’m not sure what I think of this yet. I spent close to an hour putting my tea area in shape to do a blog post with pictures. I think I’ll wait now until I prepare this one again. Maybe I under leafed or under steeped. I used 195 F with a 3 minute steep. What I noticed was the leaf in the bag fluffed up after removing some. So really guessing I need more leaf. The flavors are all really light. Nothing else from Golden Tips has been this light. It’s tea, with some muscatel and woodsy notes. Just not enough to call this one, especially since the other reviewers seemed to like it.

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Immediately likable. No rough edges. No off notes (well the wet leaf might be a bit… ahem… aromatic). Mostly this is earthy forest woods. There is a mild sweetness. Nicely creamy. Second western mug I noticed a touch of spiciness and a smidgen of fruit – possibly cherry. Anyway, this is a nice one.

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drank Earl Grey by Nina's Paris
1719 tasting notes

6:00 am sitting on the porch with my milk/matcha watching the world come alive. It was so peaceful and so mant birds were swooping in to the feeders that I decided to lengthen my stay. Prepared a mug of this. Earl Grey is the only tea I can think of that I still sweeten every time. It dulls some notes but enhances others making for a balanced cup. Today I used 195F water which takes all but the tiniest amount of Ceylon bite out. Normally I like the bite. Today I was in touch with my more mellow side. Beautiful cup. Beautiful start to the day.

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drank Malawi Zomba Pearls White by What-Cha
1719 tasting notes

iZombie seasoned finaled recently and I miss it already. It has been renewed for season 2, if you care. So today I am having some Zombie Pearls. This is an awesome tea. Not just because I like playing with the name or the unusual look of the pearls. The flavor jumps out of the cup at you. For a white tea it is pretty assertive. Today I am getting wheat and corn. Tiny amount of bite but no bitterness. Love it.


I have seen several episodes and like it! Nice concept, great how her personality changes and shakes up the dynamic on the show. Keeps things interesting.

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drank green tea powder 250g pack by Tradition
1719 tasting notes

Had this one on the porch with toast and honey. Now we are getting ready to go to a friend’s house to fish in their pond. A few weeks ago that would have been impossible for me.

Think I need to get some vanilla beans or something to give the rest of this some extra kick. There is nothing wrong with it but once you experience better, it is harder to settle, especially when better is already setting unopened in your collection.


Watch out for ticks and chiggers!


I’m Going back to an OPENED BETTER for me, Over Lunch I’ll Steep a pot of Ashanti Gold Black Tea by Caranda Fine Foods enjoy this rich Black tea in the Early Afternoon’s


Best price on the juiciest vanilla beans I have ever found, plus free shipping – Olive Nation.com Love love love their beans!

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I am reviewing a new to me tea, two days in a row. Firing my specialist and going back to my primary care physician appears to have been a really smart move. But enough, on to the tea.

I read the other’s reviews. I normally don’t do that until after posting. When I opened the bag I caught roasted notes. When I brewed it, roasted. When I first sipped, yeah, roasted.

OK, teas with roasted notes are my least favorite types. I tend to avoid dark oolongs out of fear. So, I have noticed that even light roasting (like this tea) jumps out at me and it is all I taste. Reading what everyone else wrote was interesting to me as it is barely mentioned anywhere on the internet. I guess this is the point where I say, sparrow tongue, it isn’t you. It’s me. Then turn and slowly walk away. OR, I can put on the big boy pants and try again.

Ignoring that which shall not be mentioned, I taste the corn up front. Then I get a brief jolt from a metallic note that quickly glides into a grassy finish.

The second mug is completely different. Gone is that which shall not be mentioned. In its place is a seaweed component. Then the corn, followed once again by grassy. No bitterness. A little dryness.

While this is not going to make my personal favorites list, it is interesting and far more complex than the price would suggest.


I really hope everything is ok with you and your doctor(s).


+1 on the Doctor.

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drank Alishan by Oollo Tea
1719 tasting notes

Check it out. I not only brewed a cup of tea, I added it to the database, whilst and at the same time writing my first blog post in a couple weeks. And now a review on Steepster. Go Me!

So, this Alishan oolong dry keeps its secrets to itself, with only a slight dried field scent with some corn notes also present. Once steeped the leaves try to convince this is a roasted oolong but it is definitely not. The cup is clear yellow-gold with a hint of green. The first sip while hot is a touch spicy. It is both icy and hot. That quickly disappears, followed by light floral. The floral present here is not an overwhelming presence. What you get is a solid flavor with out an assault. I noticed the aftertaste lasted a good long time.

There is no bitterness – though I never expected there would be, and no latex type taste late in the sip as many oolongs can have. The colder it got the more I personally liked it.

Unrelated – have you tried the Lemon Bar Frappuccino at Starbucks? There is no tea (or coffee) in it so I won’t add it to the database here. I really must try to make this at home. It is way too expensive for my wallet. It is lemon aid, milk, vanilla, and tons of sugary syrup. I had mine with 2% milk and sugar free vanilla syrup. I left off the whipped cream and sprinkles. Anyway so very fun, decadent, and delicious. Two thumbs up on taste. Two thumbs down on $4.25 for a 16 oz drink.


woot woot! go you!

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drank green tea powder 250g pack by Tradition
1719 tasting notes

This has been my everyday choice for a long time. It is cheap and I liked it as well as the couple others I had tried previously. Then, it was included in the recent blind taste test. I recognized it immediately, however it was just OK compared to much of what I was tasting. After trying Red Leaf Tea’s two offerings, this will not be a repurchase after it is gone. Of course since it comes in a 8 oz bag, it will be around a while longer.

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