1719 Tasting Notes

I prepared six cups and this shows no signs of letting up. In fact, the last four cups were steeped only long enough to fill and pour. The brew is dark burgundy by the second cup and stays that way. The flavor is spicy cedar, earthy loam, and faint old book leather. This has magic properties for opening my lungs, or at least it feels as such. The best part is, I feel more mellow than the tea I’m drinking. I am not really sure what tea drunk means but if this is it, it is pretty far out man. Peace out.


Was this a sample?


Yes. I used the entire sample in the gaiwan. Way more leaf than I normally use but it was not rough or bitter with flash steeps.

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Feeling sick of winter today. This one said spring to me. Good choice. The dry leaf is battleship gray. The tips are white. It smells sweet, kind of fruity, and grassy. Steeped western mug style the liquor is light golden green. The sip is bold for such a delicate looking cup. It is not a pucker bold, or harsh bitter. It is that solid good green bite. When the intensity drops it brings out a sweetness, and corn. The aftertaste is corn mixed with vegetal.

I cannot catch a glimpse of smoke but then I almost never do in green tea. I probably have tasted it many times without knowing. Someday.

I really like all the Vietnam teas I have tried.

What-Cha – I’m curious, what does ‘Five Penny’ mean?


The name originates from an old Vietnamese tradition where tea was sold in the street for many years for five pennies!

It’s great to hear that you are enjoying all of the Vietnamese teas so far.


I like corny green teas. (I also like corny jokes.)

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Let me start by saying I enjoyed this one. You might question that as you read. First off I think the string is too short. The tag was sucked under the instant water hit the cup. I had to fish it out. Second, I had no idea what sticky rice smelled like. Uhmmm, at first it kind of smells like old socks in a gym bag. Yep, I’m a red neck. Third, 9-12 minutes? Seriously? I couldn’t do it. I lasted three minutes and the brew already looked like coffee to me. The house was now filled with the aroma, which is growing on me and has become more food like. That aroma penetrates the brain right up to the point the tea hits the lips. Then it instantly disappears and is replaced by a dusty earthiness that makes me picture roots. Just a touch of mineral. Then after I swallow the sweet sticky rice reemerges and blends with the pu-erh. I love the contrast. A very interesting cup.


LOL 9-12 minutes does seems super long…


Last time I stuck a rice pu-erh under the hubby’s nose, he immediately described it as “eau de stinky socks.” That must be what it smells like, then.


Great minds and all that. lol


ARGH! I wish I had ordered it! I was trying to be good!


See, that’s what makes pu-erh people so much fun. Stinky socks, barnyards, cave water – I need me some of that. LOL

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Having one of ‘those’ days. Got loud on the phone with a young lady that was just doing her job. She works for our new internet provider. They lied to me. Surprise. I truly am one of the easiest going people you will meet. Once the line is crossed, I can kind of go all Hulk on you. All I want is for them to bury the cable from the satellite pole mount to my house. Now they want $100 for something that should have been done to start with. Sigh. I NEED tea.

This one struck me as awesome. The leaf smells sweet of hay and fruit. The leaf is gorgeous. I may have formed it into the shape of a heart for my blog picture, and I am neither a teenager or a girl. Steeped the ruby red brew has a sweet, fruity, maltiness.

The tea has a briskness that will open your eyes wide. It does not cross into bitter. It fades fast into a rich malt that continues into the aftertaste as is joined by a sweet kind of fruity note. Two thumbs up and I have never considered myself an assam guy.


Assam is for those days when you NEED tea. It’s OK … I was reading a cheesy mystery novel at lunch break and bodily cried when the heroine was held at gunpoint …


I know the feeling. They made it right cheerfully, but you should have heard my confusion when Verizon informed me that switching from 2 gigs to 4 gigs after mid month resulted in us being charged overage fees when we have used LESS than 2 gigs. They are refunding, but people who don’t catch this crazy “prorating” are getting charged.

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I have been so busy the last few days because I feel almost human again. The busyness has kept tea consumption rather limited. I made the time to enjoy this one again today. I went with a 3 1/2 minute steep today. Last time it was a full 5 minutes. The difference between the two was really interesting. Today it was malty with unmistakable peach notes. Very smooth. No bitterness. No bite. Only a slight dryness. The aftertaste was green and vegetal tasting. If I have to choose, I would go with the long steep as it seemed to have just slightly more depth, but long steep or short this is a really good Dian Hong.

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drank Earl Grey by Ahmad Tea
1719 tasting notes

My love for this comfort tea is pretty obvious. Today I iced it. Yum.

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Dry this is sweet and fruity. Its kind of pipe tobacco like. Steeped the dark caramel cup scent remains sweet and fruity but now reminds me of Darjeeling. The taste begins light with a slight maltiness. Then the tannins kick in and flood your tongue. It is refreshing and passes quickly leaving a slight toffee note that just as quickly turns into a fruity aftertaste.

Between the first and second cup I took my wife out for lunch. We went to BBQ place in town. I had 1/4 rack of ribs, baked beans, and smashed potatoes. My wife had tenderloin and fries. It was so extremely good. While eating, I was treated to watching a bald eagle soar outside my window. Such a beautiful site.

Came home and prepared a second cup of this one. It had a maltier scent than the first. The taste was very much like the first. This is a solid cup of black tea. I highly recommend a repeat of my entire day.

Maddy Barone

I have that one in my stash! Might have to move it up in the queue.


It always makes me happy to see someone here describing something nice that happened in their day :)


Tea and positivity…I love Steepster. :)


They sell this at A Southern Season. I maybe should get some since no one seems to be worried about the Chernobyl thing. LOL


Ashmanra, I recall your being concerned about this with another Georgia tea. I have Googled this to death and can find no FDA warning or credible concerns for tea grown and exported from this region. They do check this stuff and have strict limits.

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Steeped yesterday’s leaf this afternoon. I got to say the cup aroma was so fine. As the cup was sitting to cool I was smelling grape. It sort of drifted between grape, wine, and Darjeeling aromas. I know the taste was light but honestly I got distracted fixing stuff on the computer and ended up drinking this pretty quick and not paying attention. I know I liked it or it wouldn’t have disappeared so fast.

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drank green tea powder 250g pack by Tradition
1719 tasting notes

As usual started my day with this one. Somehow I got busy yesterday and never drank any tea but this one – ONE – glass. Glad I like it.

Learned something new to share. Went to the Pulmonologist Monday afternoon. He put me on a bronchodilator medicine. I started reading up on this particular medicine. Turns out it is a naturally occurring part of tea. The amount is too small to be considered a dosage but it is there. So occasionally when a tea gives me the sensation of breathing down to my toes – it may really be helping to do just that. Finally a health claim for tea I am willing to consider.

carol who


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Oh this dry leaf smells wonderful. Its like honey drizzled over fruit. The cup scent is similar but more baked. If fills your senses as you begin tasting. I notice a spiciness, kind of peppery without the burn. This is very smooth. With no hint of bitterness. One taste I’m getting kind of strikes me as grape. Maybe its really plum and I don’t know any better. Slightly yam but the fruit taste is stronger. There is even the faintest touches of earth and leather. For as light as this seems on the first sip, there is so much depth here when you slow down and taste. Thank you Angel for this very nice tea.


This sounds amazing.

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